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  1. Hey everyone, We're getting married at Dreams Punta Cana in December, just wanted to know if anyone knew if they have 3% milk there for my one year old. Some people recommend I take it with me but I'm hoping to hear that I won't have to do that... Any info?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by PynkLemonade Does anyone know what the vidoegrapher packages cover at the resort. They just say Gold and Silver package on the pamphlet? Thanks in advance. Hey Misty, I hired this photographer for our wedding: Punta Cana|DominicanRepublic|Wedding : Photographer,Photography His name is Arnaud and his pics look amazing on the website. He'll put together any package you want. I found the price on par with Dreams but you get way more for it! I just told him what I needed, I didn't do any videography, just photography, but he does that too and he's really good with getting back to you right away...Doesnt hurt to check it out right?
  3. I saw them on Oriental Trading, but the shipping to Canada was more than the cost of the starfish so I had a look on ebay and found them for $7 for 500 and I also got 30 sand dollars for $6 good deals!!
  4. Hey girls, I'm looking for mini starfish for my tables, anyone have any extra or used that they could part with? Or wanting to know where to get it....help!!!
  5. Can I ask where you got the fans and those OOT bags? Love em!
  6. Wish she would email me!!!! I also want the Bordeaux Terrace so I hope nobody books it on me but you're right, it really doesnt matter...make sure you keep in touch, I would love to hear about your wedding and Yessica and all the details!!
  7. Ya I guess thats a pretty important detail isnt it They cant leave you a note to meet them if they dont know you're there can they? I would definately leave a message on the FB page or maybe even give them a call?!?
  8. Thanks girls! I actually found the Dreams facebook page and I was looking at the reviews and noticed a girl that just got married there with the same WC. She was tons of help and totally eased my mind. She said she only had to decide the location of the ceremony and the reception and the food choices before she got there and when she did, she got a letter from the WC to meet her the next day where they chose flowers, cake, any other extras and ironed out all the details. I definitely kept all my emails from Sharron because I'm bringing my 1 year old so we couldnt book the Honeymoon Suite (2 adults only) and had to book the Junior suite. We opted on the free wedding package, even though its totally not free! She said we could still qualify for the free package even though we had to book in a lower room so if I have any problems I have record of that. Pynk, I hope everything goes great with your wedding and you dont have any issues but I'm sure you wont...do you want me to ask that girl anything for you?
  9. Hey Ladies! So heres the problem...I was planning my wedding with a lady named Sharron at Dreams Punta Cana and apparently she has left the resort so I got assigned a new one named Yessica....I have emailed her 4 times since June with a bunch of questions and today she emails me back and says "please read the attached wedding guide it will answer any of your questions"...I got this wedding guide 4 months ago and really, if I'm asking you a question, the answers NOT IN IT!!! I know you girls have studied that wedding guide back to front and still had questions and since she's totally useless I figured I should probably just ask someone thats done it already! so heres my big questions, if you guys could answer even one of them youre already hired as my new WC When booking the Silver Dinner package, is there an extra fee for setting up or wait staff? What kind and colour are the flowers in the bouquets? Because I have so many booked already, do they offer any free services such as the beach wedding? When I rent the sound system, is there dancing allowed on the Bordeaux terrace for my reception? What kind of decorations are provided for the ceremony and reception dinner? Will I meet with the coordinator when I get there and when can me and my bridal party decorate the tables for the reception dinner?
  10. Hi Everyone! My names Fiona and me and my fiancee Jared are looking forward to our December 17th, 2010 wedding in Dominican Republic at Dreams Punta Cana! Need lots of advice with this resort!
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