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  1. Have a great time in Hawaii! And when you get back, could you please pm me that info also? The cabana and aura, Thank you!!!
  2. I am so happy for you! Everything seemed to go perfect!!! You look great and the cake looks awesome! I cant wait to see more pics! Also, message me items and prices, I would be interested in buying some of the bags or atlantis type things for my upcoming wedding ! Thanks!! And congrats again!
  3. Can any other Atlantis brides or bride to be share any information, tips, experiences or pictures to help me in my planning?!?! with less then 6 months to go and SO much still to do, I would love to see other peoples pictures or share helpful tips on decor, packing, etc.. How was the staff, did everything go smoothly for you? Thanks and I appreciate any help Taryn
  4. How did everything go??? I am just starting my planning to be an Atlantis Bride in 2011! cant wait to hear about your big day!
  5. taryn11-5-11

    It's Official- I am an Atlantis Bride!!

    Thanks for your help. I want a beach wedding but not reception. What is Fathoms? Where can i see pictures of this? I was under the impression that if I pick a package, I can subtract some things and add others, almost customize it a little bit.. who have you been talking to there? Â Thanks again
  6. taryn11-5-11

    It's Official- I am an Atlantis Bride!!

    I am about to start the process of booking and need some suggestions!!! Â where did you all chose for your ceremony and reception locations? Â You didnt pick any of their packages , did everything a la carte? Â can anyone recommend a videographer? Â When you sign the contract, you gave an approx # of guests/rooms? or did you have to guarantee a certain #? Â Â Thanks! All this makes me so nervous.. but excited!!
  7. taryn11-5-11

    It's Official- I am an Atlantis Bride!!

    Congrats!!! How did everything go? Were you happy with everything? I would love to see pictures or hear your review about all the vendors! Was it much, much cheaper to do a la carte? I am so happy to have found an Atlantis bride to get some tips from!
  8. taryn11-5-11

    New here :)

    thank you all and congrats as well!
  9. taryn11-5-11

    New here :)

    Hi! I am Taryn and I am getting married on Paradise Island Bahamas, 11-5-2011 I am so excited to have found this forum to share ideas with other destination brides! I already found so much useful information and cant wait to start talking with you all Taryn
  10. taryn11-5-11

    It's Official- I am an Atlantis Bride!!

    Congrats!!! Hi I am new here and I am also going to be Atlantis bride!! I didn't sign contracts yet but Ive been talking with Melissa, asking her millions of questions since the day I got engaged(May 9) I picked 11-5-11 and will probably sign contracts and make it official this month! Did you pick one of their wedding packages or make your own? I do have a couple questions for you.. How do you plan on getting stuff there?? I want to make welcome bags for guests as well as bring favors, flower girl baskets, pillow, personalized items for reception tables, some of my own decorations etc etc.. Suitcases or ship them? Thanks and congrats again Taryn