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    Ricardo from Discomovil - AWESOME DJ

    Thank you so much for the detailed review! We are also trying to find an affordable DJ for our wedding in December. Discomovil was the first to reply and I was very pleased with his prices, but I hadn't heard much about them on the forum...so thanks for your input!
  2. Hi kd and jen, I am getting married at Secrets Capri on December 17, 2011. After having a lot of issues with the resort we originally chose, Now Jade, we quickly had to find another resort to switch to. I've had family visit Secrets Capri before and they had nothing but good thing to say about the resort. The prices of Secrets Capri and Silversands are comparable, but Capri gets much better reviews (check them out on Trip Advisor). So far the wedding coordinator at Capri, Martina, has been a pleasure to work with. She replies to emails VERY quickly, she's extremely friendly, and she speaks perfect English, so I have no fear of miscommunication....which was a major problem we had with Now Jade. I hope this helps! Alex
  3. We're getting married the weekend after you...the 17th...not sure yet what day we'll be arriving there through.
  4. Hi KRachelB! I'm also getting married at the Now Jade in December...what day are you getting married?
  5. Hi, We're getting married at the Now Jade in December, 2011. I'm wondering if anyone else mailed their deposit/credit card authorization forms instead emailing them? We chose to mail (registered through USPS) them just because of how insecure email is, but it's taking longer than we thought to get there. Has anyone else mailed something to the resort? If so, how long did it take?
  6. I've been wondering the same thing. I'm hoping to have my wedding in December 2011, does anyone have any insight into what the weather is usually like in Mexico (Cancun/Puerto Morelos area) in December?
  7. Very helpful...thank you!
  8. Hi everyone! I'm recently engaged and planning to get married in Mexico, near Puerto Morelos or Cancun, in December (but not til 2011). I have never been to Mexico and I'm wondeingr if someone could tell me a little bit about what the weather is like in December? (Better/worse that other times of the year?) Thanks!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by jamie12 Hi All - It is my first time posting but I couldn't resist as you all seem to have great information! We are looking at hotels currently and are targeting May 2011 for the wedding. I think we have it narrowed down to Azul Sensatori and NOW Jade. I have a lot of info on Azul but can not find any photos of weddings at Jade. Does anyone have anything they could share? Also, any feedback on either resort would be welcome. Thanks much! Hi jamie12, I'm also trying to decide between Azul Sensatori and NOW Jade. Have you made a decision yet? If so, which did you choose?