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  1. I just got back from my wedding at Azul Beach-- we were down there from July 28-Aug 2. I freaked out the day before leaving because weather.com predicted 50-60% chance of thunderstorms for the whole five days. Waste of time to worry about it! It rained for about ten minutes on a few days, but it was sunny again immediately before and after, so didn't really interrupt beach or pool time! There were two storms, both in the evening. We had a 6 pm beach wedding with an indoor reception starting at 7 pm. The storm clouds started gathering around 5:15 but the staff were awesome and let us keep the ceremony outside; they even had us start a few minutes early, just in case. The storm hit pretty hard right at 7 pm as we were heading inside from taking our photos. So I guess we got a little lucky there, but I also give full credit to the staff for really working to make sure we could have the outdoor ceremony. Another thought-- the gathering stormclouds made for awesome photos! We have some really dramatic shots with a black sky behind us. Not sure that I like the metaphor that draws for the marriage, but the photos are really cool! I would not worry too much about the forecast, but maybe try to plan your reception for an indoor or covered space, just in case. I was really glad we didn't do a beach reception- even if it hadn't stormed, the wind was too strong most days and nights to comfortably eat on the beach!
  2. Hi ladies! I just got back from our wedding at Azul Beach! It was *wonderful*. I can't say enough wonderful things about the resort and the wedding. I am hoping to write a review this weekend. Please ask any questions you have in the meantime and I'll do my best to respond! I will warn you that we had a fairly low-key celebration, so I might not know much about the bells and whistles, but I'm happy to share whatever information I have!
  3. Hi ladies, I'm getting married on July 30 (yes, one week) at Azul Beach. I am very last-minute and trying to schedule a group tour for 12 to the ruins at Tulum and then shopping and dinner in Playa del Carmen. My travel agent got a quote for us from Lomas Travel for $95 per person. This includes roundtrip transportation from the hotel to Tulum then Playa in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter that seats up to 17 (still $95 pp though), guided tour of Tulum, and a snack. It seems really expensive-- anyone looked into this kind of tour or done one down there? I'm wondering if what other pricing or tour options are out there. I thought I saw someone on here (months ago) post that they spent $400 for this kind of tour, but I can't find the post now... Thanks!
  4. Thanks for this insight on the dress code! My FI was planning to wear only shorts the entire time (including for our ceremony, which is super casual). I'll have to make sure he and his friends have at least a pair of jeans with them, I guess! Flip flops are okay for dinner?
  5. Thanks, Melissa! So helpful to hear first-hand what things are like. My FI is worried that the bars close at 1 am...apparently he has big plans to carry on the party into the night. Is that even possible? Do the public places pretty much close up at a certain time and, if so, is beverage service available in rooms after hours? (it's a party weekend, right?!) We actually don't have a photographer. We are really trying to save money and, although I know everyone says the photographer is not the place to scimp, we just couldn't justify the expense of hiring an outside vendor or flying someone in, so we opted to have a family member with a really nice camera and some amateur photography training take some formal shots. Then we'll just ask everyone to post their photos to Flikr or something afterwards. We're having 40 guests-- glad to hear it's possible to do larger groups for meals! One more question: is there a dress code for restaurants and how strictly is it enforced? Thanks, again, for the information!
  6. Does anyone know the resort dress code? I am at Azul Beach, but I'm guessing they're all the same...?
  7. I have a question! I need recommendations for bars/social locations within the resort. We aren't having many formal gatherings except the wedding ceremony and reception, so I want to designate a time every day where our guests can come together and mingle with us and each other. We want to pick a bar or location where everyone can meet for pre-dinner drinks and socializing. My fiance and I would commit to being at a certain location at a certain time each day, and whoever else wants to show up can. We're thinking it would be cocktail hour, so between 5:30 and 7 or so, and people would be dressed for dinner, rather than in swimsuits. Can you recommend a bar or location that would be good for this? By the way, Melissa, your photos are gorgeous!
  8. Thanks! They told me that they would close the Blue International restaurant down for the reception. I was a little surprised at that, since we only have 35 people. I haven't been on site, but from what I can see of the photos, the restaurant set up does look a little choppy. That's why I was wondering if it would be an awkward setting for the reception. I'd love to see any photos you have or if you learn anything while you're down there. Good luck with your wedding Melissa! You're really in the home stretch now.
  9. Hi all, I'm getting married at Azul Beach on July 30. We have to submit our final payment in about three weeks, so we're in decision-making mode! I need to decide where to hold our wedding reception/dinner. I was given the options of a beach reception or Blue International restaurant, which apparently they will close down for the event. From what I hear, the Blue International Terrace is ideal, but I was told we need a minimum of 50 people for that space. We will have about 35 people. The beach would be pretty, but I've heard that it's windy and bugs might be an issue. And it may be hot -- our dinner is at 6:30 pm. Does anyone know how they set up the restaurant for a reception? Are people spread all over, or do they move tables around so we're all in the same space? I have never been to the resort, so I'm curious how they would set things up for the events. Where are the rest of you holding your events? For those who've been to the resort, any recommendations on these options? Thanks!
  10. I love this idea for a guestbook! We didn't do engagement photos and have known each other for almost twelve years, so I think what I would do is include photos from over the years of our relationship. Thanks so much for sharing!
  11. Has anyone used the resort-approved photographers? We're just interested in some basic, professional photos- nothing too extensive or artsy, just enough to document the event. I don't want to go to the trouble or expense of bringing our own and paying the outside vendor fees. I'm thinking of getting one of the resort-approved photographers, but only have the packages/pricing to go on. Has anyone had a good or bad experience with them? Anyone heard anything one way or the other? Based on the Lomas website, because we're at Azul Beach, I think the approved photographers are: Caribe, Royale, Photo Booth, Magic Vision. Thanks!
  12. I'm having a July wedding too, and have the same concern! I've heard high 80s and really humid. I'm worried about storms...
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