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  1. If you are swayed to do an AHR make sure when you go to banquet halls you tell them it's a party(b-day, retirement, anniversary, etc) that way you may be able to get a better and cheaper deal! We booked under anniversary (it will be our 1 week ann!) and were able to save $1,000.
  2. My MOH's mom is also our minister...she's coming to Mexico and performing the ceremony there and submitting everything back home! Way to get past all the frustrations and so thankful it will be her!
  3. Touchy subject. I say as long as its not on my wedding day, go for it! Why not share the happiness of love, yours is what is bringing them this opportunity, what better way to celebrate your love then with the people you love getting to the same Happily Ever After!
  4. I think a box is the best idea..you don't want to end up burried under your stuff! I'm using my grandmother's cake cutting set, which my mom also used. My friend made a christening gown for her baby out of her wedding dress, I thought that was a great idea; my mom let me play dress-up in hers growing up, I loved every second of that dress!
  5. I love all the ideas. One of our reasons for a DW was because I knew I wouldn't be ok with 200+ people watching me get married when 3 of the most important people won't be there with us. No need for an anxiety attack on our wedding day!!!
  6. I agree completely. I'm having a hard time even wanting to invite everyone to the DW, we want it small which is why we switched(we were up over 225 for @ home wedding). Darn etiquette!
  7. I know its frustrating to align the dates to make everyone happy. Sounds like you will figure it out quickly!
  8. I understand the torn feeling. I've always pictured it being my dad and I, but my mom has recently been hinting that she would like it to be the 3 of us. I don't know what to do!! It gets a little complicated bc my only sibling, older brother, died 10 years ago and ever since then it has been the"3 of us against the world." Do I suck it up and go for the 3 of us???
  9. I have informed my singles that if they choose to bring a guest on their vacation that's great but that person is not invited to the ceremony or the eating part of the reception but they can come on down for dancing. Everyone has been very receptive so far, but we aren't getting married until next August so who knows what will pop up later!
  10. I love the feedback. I'd like to know what favors guests loved the most??
  11. My future niece says any "special" candy and maybe an iTunes gift card ($5) for the teens and glow sticks are always a hit!
  12. bizzyangel- Sounds like you made a great choice doing a DW!!! How awful to have to worry about a woman who should have been everything to her son. Congrats on taking your own lives by the horns! Â I am not inviting my FMIL for the search, I want my mom there and I have a bunch of friends who want to go and my FI nieces' want to go too... how do you break it to them all that it isn't something I want?? Especially the girls?
  13. Great reviews..thank you for taking the time! Really happy to hear about the shopping in Playa for wedding decor. Â ~Sarah Dreams Tulum 8/8/11
  14. Love this site! My fiancee got incredibly excited when I showed him the vintage map invitations..he's a vintage map junkie!! He even asked if he could do it....ummm YES! Â Thank you for sharing! Â Sarah Dreams Tulum 8/8/11
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