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  1. CC - You can always send your requests and they will make a note on your profile. I'm leaving on Sat for our May 11th wedding & was sent a spreadsheet last week detailing everything I previously requested and was allotted space to make changes & add extras. They even had info populated from email exchanges like Pastor Rick York, the name of my outside photographer and had a picture of the cake I requested.. You can pretty much have enerything decided prior to your arrival with the exception of your reception location. It's too bad they firm up on a 1st come 1st serve basis. I did inquire about any other weddings booked on my date and was told there is one more however I was the only one to request poolside. Hope this helps!
  2. Sandy - I was wondering the same thing. Right now I'm thinking about playing music while people are seating and flowing into a selected song for when the groom & best man are taking their spots. Another song for our flower girl & maid of honour and then one for me, hopefully that's not too much!! What were you thinking? I also know you went with Rick York, did you modify either ceremony he sent to you or leave it pretty much as is? I was also wondering what everyone is bringing decor wise vs. adding onto the packages you've choosen. I can't decide if it's worth it to DIY things like centerpieces, not really worry about it or choose from their selection and pay.
  3. Hi V, Great job!!! Did you create one account on Photo Bucket and are just sharing the user name & password with everyone? Thanks, Jodi
  4. Ladies, I just heard from my photographer and she's informed me that not only has Dreams reversed their decision but they have also removed the required day pass to let them onsite! You can once again use an outside photographer and not pay for their day pass!! Has anyone else heard this??
  5. Hi Ladies! I've been searching this site regarding purchasing OOT bags from Cheaptotes.com and have seen reviews both for & against them. Have any of you bought from them?
  6. Hi Ladies! I have been in contact with him off and on for the last couple of months & he's been extremely busy! He was on vacation, at a conference, hosting a US team for a church project... When I was 1st in contact with him his replies were within a day however I've waited upwards of a week this last little bit BUT he's always responded & is extremely nice. Good luck & happy planning.
  7. Congratulations! May 2011 is a great month for a wedding
  8. Wow, wow, & wow!!! This is a definate thread for bookmarking!!! Fantastic!! You wore me out just looking at everything!
  9. That's a good question. Take a look in the Dreams Palm Beach thread as it might already be answered but I don't know for sure.
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