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  1. Hi. Yeah my wedding is November 8th and I have sent 2 e-mails already wondering what is going on but also have heard NOTHING!! I leave tomorrow for my trip!!
  2. Hi! I really appreciate your post about your recent wedding at the Grand Riviera Princess. I am getting married there on November 8th and I am planning my dinnner at the La Fondue.....so your pictures REALLY interest me! Could you please send them to erinrankin45@hotmail.com? Can ask what your dinner choices were? And did you have any chance for speeches, ect at the dinner or did you do it afterwards? Also did they actaully kick you out of the restaurant after the hour and a half? Thanks SO much!! Look forward to seeing your pictures!!! -Erin
  3. I am also getting married at the grand riviera princess November 8th, 2010....haha I tried to book the 9th but they only had the 8th left Any good advice, photographers used, ect? Thanks!! -Erin
  4. Hello everyone! I am a newbie here as well and I am looking for information on weddings at the Valentin Imperial Maya....can anyone help? I would love any info from anyone who has had a wedding there...pictures, ect would be greatly appreciated!!! -Erin
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