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  1. We leave in 3 days and in exactly one week, we'll be married! I can't believe after all of the waiting and planning, it's almost here!!!
  2. I have a question about reserving the terraces for the reception... I am getting married on June 9, on the beach and was wondering how everyone reserved your reception locations? I have emailed the wedding coordinator a few times but have not received a reply yet. I'm not too worried about it as long as we have a place since we are having a dinner and cocktail party. I figured that would have been in the questionaire she sent me awhile back. I know they can fill up quickly and my time is quickly approaching so I was just wondering. Also, I was wondering how much extra the huppa was for the beach ceremony. Thanks!
  3. we are going through a travel agent who is using a tour company so maybe that is why we have to pay ahead. Dreams actually already charged them so we have to pay for it ahead of time. We are having over 20 people so I know we will also have to pay for add ons. I will definitely be keeping the receipt so we don't get charged twice. After hearing about your two experiences, I'm kind of worried about it now. they haven't even charged us for the deposit yet.
  4. I had a question on the billing as well. Did you get a bill for the whole wedding after the ceremony or did they charge you the package price first and then the add ons later? I'm asking because my travel agent called today and said they charged my wedding package to my trip already. It seems like it would be easier to just wait until all the add ons are figured in and then just pay one time. Thanks for your help! As for the video streaming, we will be purchasing a daily pass for the wi-fi and skyping the wedding. I'll let you know how it works out.
  5. To recent Dreams PC Brides: I know that they have not yet set up the web streaming for weddings yet but I was wondering if there is internet access on the beach. If they are not offering the streaming, we would like to skype it if possible. Just wondering if this was possible. Any suggestions or advice?
  6. Does anyone know if the resort has the web cam availability yet? I know they were working on it and was just wondering if any recent brides had any current information on this option.
  7. It is $55 dollars for a day pass for outside photographers. We are using HDC Photography as they were very reasonable and after lots of searching, I am still unable to find any negative things about them on this site. We are also using them for our videography. I'm sure the resort photographer is great but their packages are much more expensive. The middle wedding package includes 36 pictures I believe and if you are using an outside photographer, I think you just forfeit this part of the package. I'm sure you can't go wrong with whatever you choose!
  8. How does the pricing work on the dinners and cocktail parties? I think we are going to go with the Silver dinner and cocktails but the most they give a price for is 20 guests. We will have at least 30. Will we have to pay per person for the dinner, party, and cake for anything over 20 people? That could get expensive in a hurry so I would like to plan ahead. Thanks for your help!
  9. I'm From Southwest Kansas but now live in Ottawa, about 20 minutes south of Lawrence. I'm getting married June 9, in the Dominican Republic. Great to hear from other Kansas Brides!
  10. Could you possibly send me the photos that she sent you? I am wanting to have a reception on the beach as well and pics would definitely help me make my decision. Thanks! I'll try to PM you my email address.
  11. We are getting married on a Thursday and arriving the Sunday prior. We are staying 7 days before we head to Turkes and Caicos.
  12. Our time is set for 4 PM also next June. Was it really hot at that time?
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