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  1. I was all excited about being a Caribbean bride.BUT...my FI really wants his 81 year old grandmother to be there. This is very understandable because practically raised him. I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions as to where to wed. in the US. I've been "lurking" on here for ideas. I leave in Ohio so she may be able to hop on a plane to Florida or N. or S. Carolina. My thing is don't want a beach wedding. I would love to get married on a beach but under a gazebo. Any suggestions?!! Thanks Ladies!!
  2. I love your pictures!! I'm still searching for places to wed.!! It will probably be in the US!!
  3. Wow thanks for all the info! Now that's what I call a post! I'm a detailed person so this is great for me! Thanks again!!
  4. These are great! I love the sunburn RSVP! They don't look homemade at all. How did you do this?!!
  5. I loves it! I love the upbeat music. Makes me wanna hop in the suitcase and go. You're getting married on my birthday!! Love all the info. on your page.
  6. Wow this really helps! I was looking for a list of wedding! Thanks again!
  7. I stayed at the Riu Cancun in June. I loved it! I saw a wedding party and bride put couldn't figure out where she had the wedding. Where exactly did they said the ceremony would be held. Just curious. The location is fabulous its within walking distance. I will show you a picture outside the hotel. It's a mall right across the street. This was taken in the hall of the floor we were on...If you have any others questions you can PM me.
  8. Hello lovely Moon Palace brides 2010! I have a quick question. How far is the hotel zone from the Moon Palace resort?
  9. Have you contacted a travel agent? That's what I'm doing because I have no clue. I'm going to a travel agent who is very honest. Not trying to promote one hotel over another. I love the Melia Caribe Tropical in DR (all inclusive/family friendly). I'm really considering going there. But love Cancun. I love the Melia Caribe Tropical for there garden gazebo. It's so romantic to me. Good luck. This is a great place for advice someone will respond.
  10. I love artisy pictures! He did a great job. You looked gorgeous and elegant
  11. I love your photos! You look stunning! You all make a great looking couple. Congrats!!
  12. OMG I love your pictures. I might be a Melia Caribe bride! This spells "Romance" I was so fixed on Moon Palace but uhhhhhh....LOL
  13. OMG---this is a great idea!! These turned out great! Don't worry about the typo--they will love you anyway (your guest). I love the picture with you and FI on the beach. What a way to set the mood. Again I lovessss it
  14. Is anyone getting married in the Chapel? I would love to see pictures. I'm new here. Haven't decided on location yet? I saw an old post of a wedding there and thought it was great.
  15. Does anyone have any info. on MP Chapel weddings. I saw pictures of one bride getting married there and it's gorgeous. The post was so old that I doubt she's still here. I searched the forums and didn't see any pictures. Does anyone have any pictures? This post didn't give me much info. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/f23/moon-palace-catholic-ceremony-58627/[/url] Thanks I'm new here and still deciding my location. I sooo feel in love with Gran Caribe but after reading numberous post you HAD to be catholic to marry in there breathtaking chapel. Please
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