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  1. Oh don't let this worry you. It always says its going to rain every day over there. We have vacationed there the past two summers and I looked at the forecast before we left both times and it said the same thing...thunderstorms every day! It really wasn't that bad. It did rain almost every day, but for about 10 minutes, then stopped. Good luck!!
  2. Yay! I actually had a co-worker recommend J.Crew and now I see that a lot of girls on the forum recommend it as well so I'll check it out. Well, I see it the same way as you do...they got it out of the way! My bridesmaids are actually the one's who keep asking me when we are going to look for them so I'm actually a little embarrassed that they have to remind me. I should be on top of this! Oh well, with work and planning and all, I'm just so busy. Anyway, good luck with everything and I guess we'll be planning right along side eachother!
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  4. Good luck with everythin Jesmcan! Ladies, I know I don't get on here too often, but I am just doing a lot of reading and trying to keep up/catch up at the same time! So good luck to those with upcoming weddings. Wish you all the best. So here's a little about me and my wedding and how its coming along.... June 3, 2011 is the date (I will add it to the list) As of right now (I keep changing it,lol) We have Pelicanos beach for the ceremony and coctail hour, and Central Gardens for the Reception. I am still debating the location of the coctail...can't decide whether to have it on the beach or the gardens?? Past brides, any suggestions?? We have booked DJ Doremix for our reception and Moments That Matter for photography. I bought my dress way back in Feb so that's checked off the list Still haven't picked bridesmaid dresses..anyone have any suggestions?? I don't want them to spend a fortune on them since they are already shelling out money to go to the wedding. Our Save The Dates were sent out in Sept and our invites are in the works as we speak! (Hoping to send them out this Month) So Here's a pic of our STDs. Just wanted to share. Just want to say thanks to everyone so far for all the inspirations and ideas! I plan to be on here a lot more often since the wedding is only 7 months away now, yikes! Happy Planning everyone!
  5. Everyone's already given you all the suggestions I would give you, but I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason and I know you will be just fine! Wishing you well and hope you make-up person was able to confirm the new date with you.
  6. Hi Ladies! I have been trying to catch up on this thread before I started posting stuff, but its nearly impossible! lol! So much great information so far though =) Anyway, wanted to introduce myself before I started popping in with questions and everyone's like "who's this girl?" lol. My FI and I are booked for June 3rd at the RPDC and are still trying to work out a lot of the details, but just wanted to say Hi! and thanks for all of the info so far! The only question I have that I would like to know, but haven't found in this thread yet is.... For those of you that have had/will have your welcome social at the Gran (since I anticipate a lot of our guests will be staying there), do you just show up to the lobby bar? Or do you have to have a reservation? Do they charge? Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions girls! Our STD's went out with envelopes, but I wrote the address on them and added a cute ink stamp in the place where the stamp actually goes so they still had the full effect of a legit postcard. Overall I am extremely happy with the way they turned out and how much they cost!
  8. Thanks Ladies! I need to put some finishing touches on them and I am sending them out today!
  9. Thanks for the advice. I am going to go ahead and send them with an envelope. Don't want to risk it!
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