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  1. thanks for your response. i didn't realize i could take things out of the package. i also want the flowers down the isle so i think i will go with that package too. i am using another photographer too. i booked octavio. im still not sure what we want to do for reception. we do not want to play the 49.00 per person for private dinner but we would like drinking and dancing somewhere. the disco doesnt open until 10 or 11pm, we could rent it for a couple hours before that or have our music played somewhere else. it is soooo hard to decide these things without being there!!
  2. what time is everyone getting married. i am getting married at sandos playacar (playa del carmen) on december 13th 2010. i am having a hard time deciding what time to do the ceremony. my photographer said 2pm. he said that sunset is at 430 so it has to be at two to get the good lighting. does anyone have any suggestions or have gotten any suggestions from your photographers. thanks so much
  3. i forgot to ask my other question,,,,, lol. what is the best time of day to get married in december. we are booked for 5:00pm but my photographer said it should be at 2:00. i want good lighting for my pics so i'm not sure what time to choose. please help with any suggestions. thanks again
  4. hello girls, my wedding at sandos is coming soooooo FAST!!! i still have so many questions!!! lol we want to take our ipod with music for them to play during the wedding. has anyone done this and how does it sound? we also want them to play our music somewhere for us to dance and have drinks for the reception. i know we can rent the disco but i was wondering if there was anywhere ouside we could also do this. i am also still trying to decide on which package to choose. i would love to hear from brides that could give me their opinions. thanks so much
  5. Its finally official im getting married at sandos playacar on December 13th 2010!!! im all booked and sooo excited!!! now i need some help deciding on loot bags, favors, which package to pick etc..... any help would be great!!!!
  6. beck

    Sandos Caracol

    hi becky, im getting married this december and sandos caracol or sandos playacar are two of my choices. i would LOVE any info you can offer me! im having such a hard time deciding which resort to choose!! i would also love to see pics! thanks so much rebecca
  7. Hello everyone, i am getting married this dec. 13-15, not sure which day and i haven't even picked the resort yet!!!! yikes!!! we are looking at iberostar paraiso del mar, barcelo beach, sandos caracol or playacar, and dreams puerto adventure. i would love help from anyone with imput! we want a beach wedding and reception (doesnt have to be sit down dinner, just dancing) and i would like to take an ipod for the music. thanks for any info!!
  8. Hello everyone, I am trying to decide which resort to get married in this december. (don't have much time, lol). I am leanning towards the del mar because of the cost. we are trying to keep it down for our guests. a friend of ours is a photographer and will be staying with us. do i have to pay a penalty if she does the photos being that she is a paying guest? also, can we take an ipod and have it playing instead of renting a dj? we would like a beach reception, does anyone know pricing of this? thanks so much for all of your help!!!! rebecca
  9. hi rachel, thanks so much. we are deciding between the tropical/colonial and the palace. the palace is much more expensive and im not sure if its worth it. what would you recommend? thanks
  10. hello everyone, we are getting married this december and im having trouble picking the resort and package. we are deciding between the barcelo and iberostar resorts. i was wondering if anyone has stayed at barcelo colonial & tropical and had a wedding. this is all so new to me and i could really use some help! thanks so much rebecca
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