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  1. all I had to do was buy 2 day passes for the photographer and his assistant. This was confirmed about 2 months ago. I honestly think that if you don't stick up for yourself they will make you pay all sorts of ridiculous fees. for example I wanted to add 3 or 4 white orchids in my bouquet... the WC quoted me $300. Ya no thanks ! LOL A couple of you also asked what the updated Lighting package is, Its basically a few more lights for about $200. I am having my reception on the Caribbean Terrace and am setting up a seating area and thought it would be a good idea. I'll let you guys know if it was worth it!
  2. Georgia Peach, I am having the reception on the Caribbean Terrace, I think paying the extra fee is worth it, It is so beautiful overlooking the ocean. I like the idea of it being private, so one can stand around ogling you and the party. Valeria is also my wedding coordinator and she has been really great. We are doing the ipod DJ, apparently the technician handles playing the songs, he just wont announce anything. we also got the updated lighting package. it all coming together!!
  3. DiamondGirl, What did the WC tell you about having it on the Caribbean Terrace? She told me it wouldn't be as private... but to my understanding it's on a rooftop, right?
  4. cgeris, I too like JenW818 have booked through a TA and received the group booking promotions in my contract, with only deposits. Just get on your TA to contact who they dealt with for your wedding group contract (i.e. my TA dealt with transat vacations group dept, who then dealt with Moon Palace) Also make sure that the 1500$ vacation dollars are in the contract as well, they left that out in mine, but was quickly remedied. Good Luck!!
  5. HappyTara


    Hi Jennifer, Welcome You will find this site VERY helpful! good luck planning, you will have lots of help from the wonderful brides on this site.
  6. You came o the best site for information, the brides on here are so helpful and supportive! I too am getting married in mexico this April! congratulations and good luck!
  7. HappyTara


    Congratulations! Good luck planning your wedding! Such a good choice in resort!
  8. oh no i didn't know that :s good thing you told me! i don't know what i would do without this site :s
  9. Thanks! But i can't open things yet I don't have enough posts, do you think you could email it to me ? thanks Moon Palace Private Function Information.pdf
  10. Hey Ladies, Does anyone have a document with the ceremony locations and possible reception locations ? I don't have enough posts to open the documents my email is trobidou@gmail.com April is coming way too quick !!
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