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  1. Yes you can. My friend is a florist and she made our silk flowers
  2. I just got married ion September 2 nd. I would take the Sandos legal package and add a few things. If any of you still have time, I would get some silk flowers, they will last much longer then the real ones. Instead of going with the flowers on the side I would buy the rose pedals ( 5$ )and leave it on the sand since they have beautyful draps along the isle.. As for the photograher, you can check out my sessions TTD www.pierre-wedding.com/blog under Stephanie and Everett. His prices are reasonable and we were eally impressed with his work We also treated ouself to a romantic dinner. If you are over 20 guests you have no choice to go with the Italian buffet. If you are less, I would go for the French restaurant. As for the music, just let Maria know which songs and she will ask her DJ to put it on her I pod, the song quality is very good. Hope this helps )
  3. My wife really wanted a trash the dress session, being a guy I had no idea what it was, but knew to do it to make her happy. Before our wedding in Mexico, my wife spent countless hours contacting various photographers near our destination to discuss a Trash the dress photo session. Some of the prices quoted were outrageous, or took forever for the person to get back to us. Communication with Pierre was very fast and my wife loved the pictures that she saw. He was a joy to work with and made the whole session very comfortable and magical. When we received the pictures they were even better than we imagined. Worth every penny.
  4. If you have less then 20 guests, you can have dinner to any a la carte restaurant. We had to choose the Italian buffet, to tell you the truth I wasn t crazy about it, the food was ok.. And for any additional guest, you will need to get them a day pass of 77$ US, email Maria, she can give you all the info
  5. I hired Pierre Violle, He is great!! If you look him up on facebook, you can see his work or pierre-wedding.com We took the trash the dress session, pricey but worth it We didn't have a private reception, we had our diner at the Italian restaurant. the room was semi private
  6. Sorry email for facebook is stephvosloan@gmail.com password is sandosplayacar
  7. You can add me on facebook under Stephanie Sloan, my files are too large for emails and my sister has them for now..or I had created a facebook account  Steph Sandos Playacar email: stephvosloan Password:sandosplayacar  The tulle and bows are included in your package. If you want to add flowers it's an extra cost...I took the Sandos legal package for 850$ add 220 for the blood test, 70$ judge transportation and 100 for the Apostille. If you want your certificate to be translated in english, its an extra 150$. I found a place here in Ontario that charges 100$..  Let me know if you have any other questions )
  8. Hello  Yes they did, They had a beautiful setting on a little hill at the resort. I can send you a picture. They had a wedding there a few days before mine
  9. We just got married at the Sandos last week and let me tell you, it was amazing. The setting was just beautiful. I wouldn't change a thing. Maria was so supportive and was there all along. We had a trash the dress session with Pierre Violle the next day in the cenote and it was well worth it ( if you click on Pierre Violle on facebook, you will see the style of his work). We also treated our self the next day to a Romantic diner on the beach. They offered filet mignon and or lobster for about 120$ US for two. One recommendation is, If you can bring your own silk bouquet with you, that would be great because with the heat, they will die really fast. Luckily I had a florist with me and she had created all the silk boutonnière and bouquet for all of us. If you have any questions or would like to see some pictures, you can add me on facebook under Stephanie Sloan
  10. Hey guys  I am leaving to Mexico on Saturday! The wedding will be on Sept 2. I am really excited!! So far it has been really easy to be in contact with Maria. I heard from a previous bride that got married at the Sandos a few months ago that instead of staying at the resort for the after party, she brought the whole crew to this club called Fusion. They had a fire show and drinks all night. It's about 5 minutes from the hotel. I saw her pictures and they are lovely! Unfortunately I won't be able too do that since our Trash the dress session at the Cenote/under water is the next day at 8 am  Will keep you posted when I get back!
  11. Hi Maria the wedding planner told me that we could bring our own flowers. We are doing a TTD session the next day so we rather have fake flowers. One of our guest is a florist and she created them for us. It look so real and they are so beautiful!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Chrystal I'm getting married here on April 15th!!! So excited, it's coming so quickly. I decided to use Pierre Violle for pictures, he has some beautiful pictures on his website, and is quite reasonably priced. Can you tell me how it went? I also using him on September 2 nd 2010 Thanks
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by keilag KODAK Gallery | Photo Merchandise try this link Hi I am getting married on September 2 nd. I can't wait!! I am considering Claudia Rodriguez for our trash the dress session. How did you find her? Can you also tell me me if you had received your wedding certificate on the spot or will they send it to you by mail. All those legal documents will they be legal in Canada or you will have to legalize them once you get back thanks!
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