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  1. You guys all look so beautiful! Here is the link to our sneak peak from our photographer Danielle Davis Wedding was beautiful we lucked out with weather, all 3 events were beautiful and it started to rain the day after!
  2. HI there! I am working on my review, click here for our sneak peek pictures from our wonderful photographer Danielle Davis Art/Photography. Review will be coming!
  3. Hi Guys! We leave in a little over 24 hours and holy molly I am a bit stressed, pulling an all nighter to get everything packed! I am so excited tho! Hope that the weather will hold up for us! Anyone else leaving this week?
  4. Oh my gosh, I can't believe that we leave in 1 day! I have been very crazed, actually a bit emotional to be exact.. however when I get on that airplane I am sure that I will feel much better. Some of our guests leave in the morning however we do not leave until tuesday morning. Anyone else feeling the pressure of last minute things?
  5. How is the weather down in Cancun? Anyone down there now? Forecast for next week doesn't look amazing- a bit worried!
  6. we leave next Tuesday, super excited too... did all of our starfish place cards congrats June brides!
  7. Also, anyone getting married the week of June 24th? Curious who we will see down there!
  8. Holy Moly ladies, it is almost here!! Who is excited! I am at the 35 day mark... what about everyone else? I haven't had a chance to be on here recently and i've been sad! I just mailed out my invited, they came in and they are BEAUTIFUL huge shout out to allison barnhill designs! I have heard amazing things from everyone that has received them super exciting! Does anyone have a packing list going? Also, what is everyone doing in there OOT bags? I have gum, first aid kits, koozies, shout wipes and I am still gathering... any ideas?
  9. You did an amazing job, where did you find the translations?
  10. Holy moly did the wedding creep up! almost at the 60 day mark!!! I have bags and koozies however we are still in need of a lot! What is everyone putting in their OOT bags? Let me know! Thank you everyone
  11. Hi everyone! A couple of questions: First has anyone gotten their hair done? Second, what is everyone doing for flowers? Has anyone used Maya Diseno with a guy named Marvin? If you did can you tell me how it was? I am worried he might not show up or the quality would be poor. He looks good and his price is great! Thanks!
  12. Hey ladies, what are y'all doing for your hair??? Can you wear it down there?
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