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    Do Not Play List

    I recently went to a wedding and I can add a few more now: Twist Twist and Shout Shout The easiest way to clear the dance floor.
  2. ldybug

    The Person Below Me- Game!!!

    I wanted to marry him after probably our third date. What is the most expensive thing you put on your registry?
  3. ldybug

    What's making you happy today?

    My engagement ring has been getting resized and I get it back today!
  4. Have you looked at this site yet? Outer Banks Wedding Association This may help. We are planning an OuterBanks wedding also but much smaller- under 25 people. I think if you plan your wedding in the off-peak season you can probably keep it in your budget. The problem I have is there are 4 kids and one school employee that can't come during off peek so we are cutting back a bit. Good luck!
  5. ldybug

    Do Not Play List

    hey!- it's Lisa Great topic! - Love shack by B52s! UGH! HATE IT! - Macarena - Play That Funky Music - YMCA I'm sure I can think of a lot more. Usually my biggest complaint at weddings is how horrible the music is to dance to. ***side note- I love the chicken dance! I think it's so fun
  6. ldybug


    We're planning on getting married in OBX next summer. We found a great deal at the Sanderling but they only provide it during off peak times. The package basically did all the work for you except clothing which I was really excited about. With nieces and nephews coming we can't get them out of school for it. So now we are trying to decide whether to just have the wedding at a big house and have it catered or have it at a restaurant. About 22 people total. We prefer to have it near Duck or Southern Shores. If anyone has any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it.
  7. ldybug

    Any 2011 brides?!!

    I'm a 2011 bride too. We just got engaged a little over a week ago and I think 2011 seems so soon! I guess it just seems a little overwhelming. Right now I am trying to enjoy the newness of being engaged.
  8. ldybug

    newly engaged....

    Hello! My name is Lisa Dan and I just got engaged about a week ago and are thinking of getting married in August 2011 in the Outer Banks, NC.