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  1. We want to give our guests towels with some beach quote on it.. but all the ones I've looked up online have been super cheesy... any suggestions?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by c&j I just toured Beach Palace (as well as many of the other Palace's) when I was down in Mexico last week. Beach Palace was great, I also really liked Playacar Palace. Here are some pros & cons of Beach Palace: Pros: -BEAUTIFUL beach & water; Cancun just re-did their beach so it is double the size it used to be and you can't beat the color of the water in Cancun -Updated rooms and resort with a modern feel: got ruined a couple years back from the hurricane, so they re-did everything -Great food: we tried the lunch buffet and everything we has was excellent, along with their drinks (Playacars was also excellent; I think the Palace resorts take care of their food well) -2 Sky terraces on the top floor of the building; 2 bars, pools and hot tubs. You can also get married on the very top sky terrace -Close to Cancun attractions; walking distance between La Isla Mall and Flamingo Plaza and bus fare is cheap if you want to explore further Cons: -In the heart of Cancun; may not be the feel you are looking for -Beach wedding location isn't totally private if that's what you would like -Doesn't have the "tropical" feel that some of the other resorts have with all the palm trees, palapas, etc. -Rain site for the ceremony and reception is in a ballroom I have pictures if you would like to see any of them. What can you tell me about Cancun Palace?
  3. Can you guys tell me when i get to talk to my coordinator? And how do i get in touch with her? I've only got 4.5 months! And i have no idea where to start!!
  4. Hi! I am getting married through Palace and I am using their sapphire collection. Looking for blues?
  5. I love this thread!! Hoq long is the average ceremony?
  6. no. what do you pick out? i haven't had any contact with a coordinator.
  7. I confess that I'm secrectly angry at my parents because my mom lost her job last year and can't help me pay for our wedding. Now that she got a job again, I'm not sure if they're going to help but am too scared to ask because if they can't, I don't want to make them feel guilty. But the whole situation just sucks and I feel cheated. I know that's selfish because there are way more important things for them to worry about financially than my wedding.
  8. Hello Tricia! My name is Katie and I am getting married at Cancun Palace Novemeber 11, 2010. I have had a really hard time getting information. We Can't decide between the Ammer collection and the Sapphire collection. I've emailed Yesenia Soler multiple times asking for different pictures so I could visualize the colors better. The few pics they give you online are hard to see. I can't tell if the Amber collection is more orange or gold? How am I supposed to pick out a color for bridesmaid dresses if I can't tell what colors in are in each collection? Have you picked a collection?
  9. Do any of the brides that already got married at the Palace resorts have anything to say on the fireworks show? I can't decide whether to go with a collection wedding or the complimentary and add on?
  10. Katrina, I am getting married at Cancun Palace in Novemeber! I hear it's a very large resort. The beach is beautiful! Make sure and post on here how the tour went! Katie P
  11. Hello! My fiance and I are getting married at Cancun Palace in Novemeber. There is a lot of info on Moon Palace, but none on Cancun Palace. If anyone has any information, I'd appreciate it. I am debating over the sapphire and amber collections... I hear they are the same at all Palace resorts. Is the amber an orange or yellow? What is this catalog I hear you get to choose your flowers and when do you get it? If anyone has had or is going to have a private function, what did you do for it? I would love to see any pictures, if anyone has them! Thanks, Katie
  12. I am getting married at Cancun palace 11/11/10. What are you guys doing for your private function?
  13. Hi! My name is Katie Parker. My fiance and I are getting married in Cancun, Mexico at Cancun Palace on 11/11/10! Any tips would be appreciated!
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