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  1. I had the same concern and asked around and was actually told the best thing to seal the sand was Elmer's school glue of all things. You just put about an inch or two (depending on how much room you have between the sand and the top) of glue on the top and gradually it seeps down and seals the sand. It may create bubbles at the top, so just pop those and put more glue. It does make the sand a little bit darker, but it seals it well. You may need to do it a few times, depending on how much sand you have. The first time sealed the top so I didn't have to worry that it would spill, but I did it o
  2. Hi Ariane! We actually booked the lowest level room (which is still beautiful, btw) and were lucky enough to be upgraded to a honeymoon suite for the week, which is a preferred room. We did not know this until we got there, though. The preferred rooms basically give you access to the preferred club, which is really nice. They have a breakfast in the morning, appetizers in the evening, and a bar with upgraded liquor. It was nice for a quick in and out meal when we wanted it. It also gives you internet access in your room. I think they have a better view as well , just comparing the rooms of my
  3. Ha, thanks! I've been on here for over a year so I tried to answer the questions I saw a lot of. Yeah, we decided to do the welcome party instead of a rehearsal dinner - just personal preference - and free It made it easy to walk around and chat with everyone. I picked the Lobby Bar because from other reviews, it seemed like the best place to get a group together and having now been there, it was a good choice. The lobby is beautiful, really open and they usually have live music at night. I chose Thursday at 8:30 because all of the guests would be there by then, it would allow people t
  4. Our wedding was July 23rd and I can honestly say we could not have asked for a more perfect wedding and a better resort to have it. I will try to touch on everything, so this will probably be pretty long. Feel free to skip over whatever you’d like and ask any questions you have! This forum was so incredibly helpful while planning, so I hope I can do the same for you future brides! The Resort DRC is absolutely gorgeous! It is just like it looks in the pictures. I have stayed at several all-inclusive resorts and this was by far the most beautiful resort I’ve experienced. Our guests r
  5. Colleen your pictures turned out beautiful! It was great meeting you and Clint! Congrats again!
  6. I want to say we paid around $370 each, including taxes. The time really does fly by, especially once you get to the year of your wedding. It will be here before you know it!
  7. Thanks Lindsey! You are going to LOVE it! The deck was absolutely perfect. All of my guests raved about it. I got really lucky as it rained that morning so it cooled down some and was less humid. It was really comfortable with the ocean breeze and I was wearing my long dress the whole time. The sand and deck were cool by 6pm - I was barefoot all night!
  8. Hey ladies!! I am just getting back from our wedding at DRC (July 23rd) and mini-honeymoon. I am going to work on a detailed review tonight or this weekend, but just have to tell you that you have definitely picked the right place! Our week at DRC and wedding was nothing short of amazing! An absolute dream. I just loved Yamina. She is wonderful!
  9. Well, I leave in 3 days for DRC!!! :) (and then a little mini-moon at The Royal..) I've gotten to read so many wonderful reviews from the brides on here and can't believe it's my turn! I'm so beyond excited and ready!! Can't wait to tell you ladies all about it!
  10. Evelyn, thank you for posting your slideshow! You looked absolutely stunning!! Everything looked so beautiful! Our wedding is in less than two weeks and we have a lot of things similar to yours..colors, chair bows, locations, even the same sand ceremony set I had been stressing lately with work and final planning details, but watching your slideshow made me so excited again! I hope for weather as beautiful as yours!!! We are getting married around the same time.. how was the temperature? Congrats again!!
  11. FutureMrsS. Amazing review and congrats to you!!! Sounds like everything went amazing for you!!! I am crossing my fingers for good weather because it sounds like it is raining a lot right now? Can't wait to see your pictures!!
  12. Sharon, Oh no...I hope everything is okay. Let me know if you want to talk or anything..You can e-mail me: Lmkadden@yahoo.com. I'm looking forward to meeting you still!
  13. Sharon and Colleen! We're just weeks away!! Are you girls ready?? Can't wait to meet the two of you!
  14. Hey Lindsey, The plan is to have it on the pool deck if the weather allows! We live in Texas so we are definitely used to the heat and humidity. I will definitely let you know how it goes
  15. Erin, love your picture journal! What did you think of Fernando Fuentes and his team? I am using him in a few weeks!
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