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  1. Hey! I just noticed that you are in the same dilema I am. I only have about 25 people coming but would really perfer to have our dinner on the beach. However, I am already doing A LOT of upgrades so I'm not sure I want to pay for that many extra people just to have my dinner on the beach. I spoke with the co ordinator and she suggested to me that we have our dinner in the Italian restaurant because they have a room that we would have all to ourselves. So we would be able to decorate or do whatever we please with it.... so as of right now I believe that is what we are going with PS What did you think of the cake options you were sent? I have no clue what I will choose......
  2. I'm getting married May 11, 2011 and was wondering if anyone was getting married around the same time that is bringing a photographer or would be interested in sharing/spliting the cost of bringing one along? I have one that I have been looking into bringing but if anyone else already has one I would check them out! Thanks!!!
  3. Hi Ladies! I originally planned (and booked) my wedding at the Dreams Puerto Aventuras but after our group rate went up too high we had to change. After MUCH stress, stress, and more stress we have now chosen to have our wedding at the BBGE, and I am SOOO glad I did!!!! I'm so excited to now be having our wedding at The BlueBay Grand and to have found you all on this site! I can't wait to hear some of your stories and share some of the ideas that I have for our special day! I am soo happy with the wedding co ordinator so far! Her replies to my MANY emails have been soo quick and she has consistantly answered my questions to my satisfaction! Quick question.... did anyone use the resort photographer? I am planning to get the second highest package and was wondering if anyone had feedback on whether I should out source or use the one provided! Thanks!!! Natasha
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Sam2012 Hi Natasha, I am also doing the boarding pass invitations. Looking at the ones on getmarried.com where are you purchasing yours from? Hi Sam! I actually had mine made from a papiere place in Barrie, Ontario. I did the boarding pass which had the RSVP included on it and i also put in a second boarding pass with reservation information for our trip. I believe they cost (both passes and the envelope) $7.50 CDN each or something like that. I'll attach the ones I had done which has the info for the papiere place if you would like to inquire on shipping/printing, etc. (They did a lot of communication with me through email until they were just right) Natasha HOLLEMA_concepts[1].pdf
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by meldal101010 I just bought 20 Fuschia & 20 orange organza sashes & my wedding is in October. I can sell them to you for 30 after i get back if you want... Just sent you a message!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Bride Hi Renee, Try this link Elegant Perspectives - Wholesale Wedding Decor: satin sashes, bows, chair covers, tablecloth, tablerunners, etc. - Canada & USA They are based out of wasaga beach area and have chair sashes for around a dollar a sash. I would just like to let you know that THIS IS AMAZING!!! I live maybe 2 minutes from this location and never knew it existed!!! (weird because this town only has 2 streets) I was just about to order online! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Tissey I'm working on my invites now and could use some feedback. Here's what I have: Blank and Blank (parents) Request the pleasure of your company At the beachside marriage of their daughter ME to FI On Friday, the third of September Two thousand and ten At five o'clock in the afternoon Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa, Quintana Roo, Mexico Sunset reception to follow Should I say Puerto Aventures, Mexico of the second to last line instead or leave it as I have it? I'm confused on the whole town, state, country thing. Hey! I just had my invitations made and sent them out within the last few weeks. I am attching the concept design that was sent to me so hopefully it helps with your invites! Natasha HOLLEMA_concepts[1].pdf
  8. Hey! I just sent out my invitations withint the last few weeks. I will attach mine for you to take a look and maybe it will help you with yours! Natasha HOLLEMA_concepts[1].pdf
  9. Hey Ladies! I was just wondering if anyone used the hotel photographer for their pictures? i am getting the Ultimate package and it includes this in it but I am somewhat hesitant that this may not be a good idea. Also, it says on the package that you recieve the Honeymoon package. Does anyone know what this is Thanks! Natasha
  10. Hi Everyone! I guess I am your newest addition! My fiance and I are getting married at DPA June 9th 2011! I'm so excited to start putting together the little details! Colours: Orange and Pink Anyway, I`m so excited to have found this site and gain insight from everyone here! Natasha
  11. Hi Everyone! My name is Natasha and I recently became engaged this year to my boyfriend of 3.5 yrs Colin. We have decided to get married at the Dreams Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya! I have booked the date June 9th 2011 but may change it to Feb, Mar, or Apr of 2011. (our guests would like to travel in the winter months) I have chosen pink and orange for our colours and we will be having our ceremony in their wedding gazebo followed by the reception on the beach. I just sent out our wedding invitations recently and as of now have 17 confirmed guests! I am attaching (I think anyways) the invitations I had custom made to reflect a boarding pass which I am soo excited about! This site has given me many ideas and resort reviews so I figured it was time to become an actual member! I look forward to hearing all of your stories, ideas, and words of wisdom! Thanks! Natasha
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