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  1. Hi Bella, I emailed them at info@manniapuntacana.com; they do provide mc service and the cost for four hours is $1K in US Dollars.
  2. Emma your wedding colors are beautiful!! Cant wait to read teh fullreview! Did you bring your own linens fo rthe GAzebo? IA m still trying to figure out how I want to decorate the Gazebo.
  3. Perfect! Depending on how tired I am I choose to stay longer, lol!
  4. That's good to hear, I already booked them for my wedding Did the DJ leave at exactly the 4 hour mark or did they stay a little later?
  5. You looked beautiful! Your decor looks great!! Did you bring your own linens? Did you order your cake at Dreams?
  6. Pink Petals you looked beautiful on your wedding day!!! I am glad everything turned out so beautiful!!!! I have a qucik question for you, did you or your geuest have trouble wearing high heels on the deck? Did your heels get stuck at all? Thanks!
  7. Does pastor rick conduct the ceremony in english?
  8. Hello Everyone!! Â It's been a while since I have been on this site! I have had a crazy few weeks. Â Bee, you looked beautiful!!! Cant wait to read your review and see the rest of your pictures!!! Â I finally have a date booked, we are getting married on July 9, 2011
  9. hey pink petals, Â how do i transfer music from grooveshark to itunes? Â thanks!
  10. GEM I know you used DJ Mannia, are they expensive?
  11. Hi Ladies! Â Pink petals, I actually speak spanish so I have been communicating with her in spanish which makes it easier. Your fiance and you pick the entree, soup and dessert and then you pick two options for the main course out of the 4. Â Also, my parents went to the dominican republci and I had tehm do a site visit for me and they said everything was beautiful. For you ladies concerned about the cake, my mom toldm me that Yanna told her that if a bride wants a bigger or nicer cake they go to an outside vendor and get a "fake" cake done. They do this in a lot of wedding halls here in the us, where the top tiers are fake and tehy have a real tier for cake cutting. My mom did not get the price so I am not sure how expensive it is. Â For teh brides who already had their weddings on the SSG deck, did your shoes get stuck in between the wood, my mom is very concerned about this but Ithink I read somewhere that it was not that bad. Also, was it too hot for dancing outside?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs. Williams Does anyone know of an outside florist? I emailed Yanna a picture of the centerpiece I wanted and the price is $75 - for hydrangeas. I want fresh flowers, as my MIL and Mommy won't let me do fake flowers. HELP please! the centerpieces at the resort are not real flowers?
  13. Hello Everyone!!! I am really interested in getting married at DLR but I have been anxiously awaiting for the price information form the WC and I have not received it and it has been over a week. Can someone please email me information on pricing? My email is kari25rod@yahoo.com Thanks!
  14. Has anyone gotten any info? I spoke with the wedding coordinator a week and a half ago and she was suppose to emial me pictures and prices and she still has not. Any information would be great.
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