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  1. Hello Amelia! Welcome to this site! Enjoy the planning! Where are you located? We are having our wedding at the Riviera Maya as most of our guests are coming from the East Coast which makes it really convenient. We have been looking at Le Reve for our wedding. We have been in contact with their wedding coordinator and she's been great. We'll be there this weekend for our scouting trip! Can't wait! I'll write a review when we get back! Good luck and have fun!
  2. Hey Uhleesa! We are also considering Le Reve for our wedding next year! All the comments we have read so far are great. I found a review by Ayita on Le Reve which was very helpful for us. She did get married at Le Reve and had a wonderful wedding. I tried to copy the link to her review... but was not successful. We will be visiting Le Reve in August so I'll keep you posted with our comments! Best!
  3. Hey! I'm with Matt definitely check Le Reve! It is perfect for a small wedding. The place seems to be pretty secluded (we will be visiting in August) and the pictures on their webpage are just gorgeous! Check it out!
  4. WOW!!!! Amazing pictures!!!!!!!!!! Looks like so much fun can't wait to visit the area!!!!!!!
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    Congratulations Sera!!!!
  6. Hello tweets! We are thinking of having our wedding at Le Reve it will be a small wedding not more than 50 guests. We will be visiting the resort in August. Any recommendations?!
  7. Hey girls! Thanks for your help!!! We have been emailing back and forth with the wedding coordinator at Le Reve! She has been sooo helpful! We are in love with the place!!! We are still going to visit a few of the sites in August but so far we think it's going to be Le Reve! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  8. Hey, We have been looking at Le Reve to get married and they only do one wedding per day. If we book the 25 room we would have the hotel for ourselves!!! Hope it works out!!!
  9. Hi Caitlan, I'm planning a small coctail for people coming from Europe before our wedding reception and I've been emailing a few of the hotels. Le Reve offered the terrace of one of their suites for this coctail. I was looking at their webpage and the views from the suite are great! Hope this helps!
  10. Hey Ayita! Thank you so much!!!! This is really helpful!!! I'm totally in love with Le Reve. I've been looking at their webpage and reading their reviews on tripadvisor. Can't wait to go their in August. I've emailed the wedding coordinator on site and so far she has been really helpful! I'll keep you posted!
  11. Hey Tracy, I hear you have been to Le Reve and Ceiba del Mar. I'm planning a summer wedding for 2011 and was looking at these two hotels. We are planning on having top 50 guests at our wedding. Any insights, recommendations!!!! We are planning to visit the area in August and would like to see a few of the places!
  12. Hello Everyone! I'm new to this site! Just recently got engaged and are planning a wedding for the summer 2011. We want a small place where we could host most of our families and friends. We've been looking at a few places but I would love your input on the places you have visited! We are planning a scouting trip sometime in August and would like to have a few places picked by then. So far we have looked at Ceiba del Mar, Le Reve (it looks amazing), Ana and Jose (in Tulum a little bit far. Have any of you been to these hotels? Or any others that you would recommend? Let the fun begin!!!!
  13. Hey Nicola, We are planning a summer 2011 wedding and it does seem so far away! But we are excited on the planning process. We want a small venue and have been looking into a few of the places. We are planning a scouting trip sometime in August. Any recommendations?
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    Hello Everyone! My name is Lisa! Just got engaged!!! We are planning our wedding sometime in the summer of 2011 and were thinking of the Riviera Maya! Any recommendations? We want a small quite, secluded place... So we've started searching! I'll let you know how it goes! Best wishes to all! Lisa
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