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  1. OMG. SOOOO glad that the explosion wasn't at our resort. I almost booked my wedding at the Grand Riviera Princess.
  2. Natasha, If you do it in the Italian restaurant in the room all to yourselves are you allowed to have a dance floor & DJ? I was told that if we weren't booking private then we wouldn't be able to have those, but, maybe in there we would. this new girl takes even longer to reply then Nadia. AAAHHHHH! we chose the "flowers round" cake. what do you think that you are going to go with? also, we chose the BlueBay 07 for flowers. I am still deciding on the center pieces...has anyone chosen one?? I don't know what to go with
  3. I just emailed the same address I have been emailing all along.... I think its a group intake email (grupos1.bbge@bluebayresorts.com) Nadia mentioned that her own email had changed which also leads me to believe that the new coordinator will be using the same email that we've been sending stuff to all along
  4. I received an email from Nadia this morning saying the same thing...but, she told me the name of the new wedding coordinator is Paty González. maybe there's 2 new people?! I emailed Paty early this morning - hopefully I hear from her soon so I can get a feel of what she's going to be like. and I was just starting to feel like I was making progress on the wedding planning!...
  5. o great, even more reasons for stuff to go wrong or take longer!! hopefully nothing gets lost in the transition...
  6. Hi Sara, I just emailed you the list of add-on's that I received from Nadia @ BlueBay. I also am emailing you pics of the bouquet & cake choices as I'm not sure if you've received these from the wedding coordinator yet & I know that I was getting anxious to start seeing some pics. I chose bouquet "Blue Bay 07" & the cake "flowers round". I haven't decided on anything else yet... she sent me some pics of ideas for the ceremony site which I can also forward to you if you are having your ceremony on the beach. If you want these pics just let me know. I am stuck on what to do for the dinner...Shes trying to get me to have it in a restaurant (& non-private) because we are only going to be having around 25 people; but, I just sent her an email a couple of days ago saying that I might be willing to pay for 50 people for a dinner on the beach. but, I'm still waiting to hear back from her..shes getting worse & worse at replying!! I'm only willing to pay for the private beach dinner if I REALLY like the photos that I've asked her to send. how much did the photographer quote you? I still haven't decided on that...we were just going to go with the resort photographer b/c it was less work & from the sounds of it everyone else in the area was way more expensive. but, I did look too far into it.
  7. Shan02 - were getting married on Jan 26!! CANT WAIT .. not only for the wedding but the trip too if you go with the dinner that's included in the package you can still have music. although its not private - they still section off a part of the restaurant for you & your guests...so its kind of semi private. you can rent the speakers from the hotel...I know its on the extra list & it wasn't that expensive. I'm guessing if you let her know that you want a little dancing area they might section you off a little bit more & just remove a table. I'm glad to hear that the DJ is free for the first hour after the ceremony. that way we can have it for the cocktail hour! (my fiance wanted the mariachi band; but, that was something like $450 for 45 min!! - cant remember the price exactly)
  8. I'm not sure if they have a different outdoor site besides the beach. i know that if you didn't want the beach they have a lounge area that you can have the ceremony in. i think that it has a roof but open to the outdoors from the sides. if you email the resort they get back to you fairly quick. also, I'm sure if you asked for something else they would try & accommodate it.
  9. we are only having about 20-25 people; but, I really wanted the dinner to be on the beach so I guess we will probably have to pay for 50 people. which I am not to happy about - but I know if we went all the way down there for our wedding & I didn't do it the way that I wanted just because of the money aspect I would be disappointed and probably regret not doing it. I have set the date & time..but nothing else is for sure yet. I emailed her the other day describing that we wanted the ceremony outside with a cocktail/appetizer hour following & then a dinner on the beach. but, she hasn't responded to my email yet...so still waiting to hear what she says. i also asked why a cocktail hour would cost so much extra when all of our guests are already staying at the hotel with an all inclusive package. we haven't gotten into any of the details yet. I know of someone getting married there at the begin of Jan & her wedding is already planned! so I felt like I had better start! are you guys doing a dance/party after the dinner? I was looking into having a dance floor setup on the beach with tiki torches & a DJ ... this is all getting SO expensive. are you guys going with a DJ? also - are you going with the resort photographer?
  10. how far have you gotten with the planning? i finally just starting the planning with Nadia the other day but now she seems to be taking a little longer to reply. were trying to have a private dinner on the beach after the ceremony/cocktail hour....what did you decide to do?
  11. thanks for sharing your photos. LOVED your dress! Â i loved the set up for the cocktail hour! is it always like that? or, did you have that specially setup? did you pay for the 'add-on' cocktail hour? Or, was that just one of the beach bars that the guests went to? Â also, i noticed that you had dinner inside one of the restaurants. I was planning on having my dinner right on the beach lit up by tiki torches and then a dance floor set up right on the sand. would you recommend against this? does it get to cold/windy at night? Â is there anything that you completely loved & would recommend? Â sorry for soo many questions...really appreciate your help!
  12. i asked the wedding co-ordinator for a list of the add-ons that are available & she sent me a list of stuff that you can get for weddings at BBGE (not included in the packages) with the prices. Â All ive done is booked the wedding date (jan 26, 2011)...so far havent booked or planned anything else. Â let me know what you decide with the photographer...
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