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  1. Any help would greatly be appreciated & thank you in advance My main colors are, lime green & fushia/ pink. The groomsman are wearing pink ties, groom, fushia, tie & the bridesmaid dresses are black with lime green sashes. They are also having pink roses as bouquet. Is this to much, or should the sashes be pink ? Thank you
  2. I showed her the dress & she LOVED it. I'm so happy that I made the decision to show her thank you ladies
  3. My Fiance & I met online. It was so unexpected & out of the blue because neither of us were looking for a relationship. We started talking & was so mesmerized by one another We met 6 months later & fell head over heels for one another. 5 years later were more inlove then ever & planning our wedding :-)
  4. Well, I've always dreamed of this big romantic out of the blue proposal. Well, My BF (Fiance) & I are living a part until Oct. He's away working atm. He's an american & I'm Canadian We've been tog. for 5 years now & more inlove then ever. Well, when I got back from DC a few weeks ago, I was online looking @ the wedding dress that I've had my eye on for 2 years. There were only like 3 left so I started to panic. Right @ that moment , Ben calls while I was upset & ordered the dress right away ( no, he didn't see it) Ever since then we've been wedding planning, have the date set. More things bought for our wedding etc. Now he tell's me, he's been looking for an engagement ring for quite sometime & wanted to have the perfect "unique" ring for me & already had it & was planning on asking me as soon as he saw me. which will be in a couple of weeks, I'm super happy that every thing is on its way & were planning, but yet so disappointed & sad that I know everything
  5. I already have my wedding dress bought & my mother doesn't know yet. I've had this dress picked out for quite sometime & so happy that I finally have it so, my question is, should I let her see the dress or should I wait for my wedding day ? I really don't want to ruin the omg, look @ my daughter moment, but yet, I'm so excited & can't wait for her to see the dress. I think she would also be disappointed if I don't show her :/
  6. Thx, I was thinking of having helium filled balloons covering the ceiling @ the reception/dance. Maybe I can add lime green balloons & lime green tie backs for the chairs ?
  7. I'm having black & fushia as the main colours. Do u think lime green & a white mix will look ok, mixed in with flowers ???? I ordered lime green roses & after decided to go with black & fushia. The flowers arrived today & they are beautiful. Any help will be much appreciated . thanks in advance
  8. so far, i'm cosidering black, fushia & lime green :-)
  9. I'm having a dragonfly wedding theme & on a budget. There's not a whole lot of decorations that I can find, so any help would be much appreciated :-) Thx in advance ~Tina
  10. Thank you, I love the first bouquet of flowers, they are beautiful
  11. I'm having lime green roses, but not sure what colours will mix well with them. I was thinking white carnations & another colour but not sure would look best. Any help would be much appreciated :-)
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