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  1. Fellow H town bride  I have actually had great success with Gonalo Nunez, whom I found in a reply to your original post. I have booked him officially for my 6/11/11 wedding at the EDR. His packages are the best value I've seen and he offers the unique photojournalistic approach I thought could only be brought from home. check out his site, he is honest, patient, and flexible. I look forward to meeting him in person and I feel confident we will get the pictures of our dreams :-) Thanks for the post  http://www.nunezgonzalo.com/blog/
  2. Great to hear of your pleasurable experience with the Casitas and Mr. Nunez. We are booked for a Casita/free wedding 6/11/11. 2 questions, Did you all have to pay the $500 fee for an non recommended vendor from Lomas Travel. I've been speaking with Valeria and I didn't see his name on the list of options. Was your FIL not allowed to officiate the wedding? I would like to bring my own minister, is that possible ? What's the name of the person who conducted such a beautiful ceremony so I can request them.
  3. WOW Maggie, Great Choice. Sexy yet Elegant. Jay's mouth is gonna hit the floor. Mine almost did. LOL !! I'm inspired to go dress shopping now.
  4. I love the variety in your workout regimen. My website is in the works, so not yet. If you email me I can send you some info. I look forward to meeting all you ladies soon. prototypefitness@gmail.com I live off West. TC Jester by the park so I'm not far from you guys either
  5. Oh thanks, I have my first meeting today with my event coordinator who is responsible for my stationery needs, so if she can't provide me with one I definitely will be in touch for that. I will be on the look out for your email in the future, I love helping women achieve their fitness goals........I'm psyched I made the list of upcoming weddings, Azul Sensatori was my choice if we had kids attending.
  6. Maggie/ Houston Brides who did your monogram?? I really need one, and I can't/don't want to DIY.
  7. Hello Ladies I've been gone for a while,but I got a lot accomplished. Please add me to the list I wed at EDR on 6/11/11 Yeeeaaaaahhh!!! I will stay in contact because I would love to meet with you in August. This first month has been extra time consuming as I am a super researcher and want all my vendors for my AHR to be a perfect fit.the first month has been the time consuming as I am a super researcher and want all my vendors for my AHR to be a perfect fit. This forum has led to the completion of the following, Im pretty proud of myself :-) my wedding website @weddingwindow.com magnet STD's @savethedatemagnetusa.com Passport Invitations @ SproullieDesigns.com For all you fitness freaks and aspiring fitness freaks I am a personal trainer specializing in transitional fitness for women so if you need nutritional assistance or looking for an effective workout that is gym less, budget friendly,and sustainable contact me @ prototypefitness@gmail.com.
  8. Okay Ladies, this site has made a molehill out of a mountain for me, It was about a month ago when this process began and I am proud to say....... I am booked for a sunset ceremony at the EDR on 6/11/11 staying in a casita suite for 7 days with the free sweet wedding package I have ordered my savethedatemagnetsusa.com I have placed my deposit for passport invitations with Sproulliedesigns.com My wedding website is 75% complete @ weddingwindow.com honeymoon registry in the works with honeyfund.com All these resources and more were found on this site. PRICELESS and I'm working on a mexico DJ,photographer,and videographer and activities. My FH wanted this to stress free for me and I believe it totally will because of this site and proactive planning Thanks to All Active Members and Gook Luck to Fellow Noobs
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by rpingree001 Congratulations and welcome to your new addiction!! OMG you can say that again, its almost embarrassing how addicted I am to this forum. I can justify it though because I learn something every time I log on...
  10. Welcome and Congratulations!!! Now comes the fun but somewhat difficult part. Choosing a resort, Mexico has soo many to choose from but this forum will definitely help you narrow your choices. I just booked yesterday with the ElDorado Royale on 6/11/11 at sunset in their chapel. They have great prices, tons of restaurants and several ceremony locations. Good Luck and Happy Planning
  11. It's official, I am now an EDR Bride, We booked our Casita and Saved our date yesterday. My wedding date is June 11, 2011. I always wanted to be married in a church so was planning on the chapel, but I worry if "a beach ceremony" is what a destination wedding is all about. Any Chapel brides at EDR please let me know if you made the right choice. I have Valeria's contact info, should I email or call first as an introduction, I wanna be on her good side. Any thoughts?
  12. Thanks Jo !!! Congratulations on your union, and I can only pray for the patience,peace, and understanding you exhibited throughout your journey. I t obviously paid off for you. I am new to the scene, and have bounced from Negril to RM and was researching the Secrets Sanctuary CC, you have made me a Paradisus believer and I will now concede with FI on the intimate crowd of 16. We all have learned soo much from this forum and detailed and accurate wedding reviews are one of the best ways to give back. Thank You for helping me keep things in perspective. would you mind emailing or pming me quotes from the photographers, and the wish package with upgrades ya'll paid the morning of the reception lnscott@uh.edu:
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by jglee I'm getting married at the Valentin next May! We just did a site visit, and also loved the chapel. I took some pictures if you're interested...let me know. I highly recommend the resort...they were super flexible with us and will pretty much do whatever we want. Let me know if you have any specific questions. I would love to see your pics of the chapel and any other you wish to share. Do you recommend a space for cocktail hour??
  14. Wow this you are a SuperBride. I'm not a DIY kind of girl, but you have really inspired me to at least utilize Vista Print. Thank You so much for sharing "All" your ideas and resources,we all are now empowered and equipped to make our wedding wishes come true, just as you have. Enjoy Every Moment!!! and God Bless your Union
  15. Aaaaaw Darn!!! I guess I'm a year early, and a few months too late to have connected with you ladies.... I wish you all luck on your "BIG day and would love to join you if you meet again.... On another note I am aiming for July/August 2011 in the Riviera Maya or Isla Mujeres area. If there are any other 2011 Houston Brides out there, "Lets connect, I am quickly learning that only the sharpest, coolest, friendliest brides are on BDW. Since we probably hve the same concerns lets chat it up!!!!!
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