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  1. I bought these same bags from the Christmas Tree Store about a month ago. My wedding colors are fuschia & malibu (similar to aqua) so I bought the fuschia, aqua, white & yellow bags. I had never been int he Christmas Tree Store before & just stopped in to kill time so I was REALLY excited & doing the happy dance when I found them.
  2. Hello Ladies, I just found this thread too. I'm in Waldorf, MD & am getting married at ROR on May 26, 2011.
  3. I am a Jamaica bride (ROR) and am using destinationweddings. I've had a few guests to contact me to say that my T/A doesn't respond to them quickly; however, when I've reached out to her, she generally responds right away.
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    Welcome...another Jamaica bride here. We chose RIU Ocho Rios. I had previously attended a wedding at RIU Negril and also stayed at RIU in Cancun. As others have said, you'll find LOTS of info on this site. Good luck!!
  5. Congratulations & welcome...I'm getting married 5/26/11 at ROR. Happy planning!
  6. Congratulations!! Your dates are awesome...6/7/08 & 9/10/11, I love it!!!
  7. Congratulations on your engagement. It's my understanding that this site is run by travel agents as well and they've gotten rave reviews...wish I had known earlier in my planning process.
  8. I'm Lisa...we're getting married at RIU Ocho Rios on May 26, 2011 @ 4pm.
  9. Hi all, After giving much thought to wedding planning, we've agreed to make it a DW Haven't settled on a date yet, but am thinking May 2011 in Jamaica. We've decided to work with Destination Weddings and was assigned a TA today (Kristi). We're so excited & looking forward to planning; however, I REALLY need to make a conscience effort NOT to become addicted to this site (although I think it's already too late).
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