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    st. thomas hotel??

    Good Luck on your trip! I have been so discouraged that I have had a change of heart. I think I am going to stick to the east coast and have my wedding in Nantucket. I was working with Kate but I sent her an email and have been unable to get with her intouch for some time now too. I hope that you have better luck than I did! And I am sure everything will work out. PS. A friend of the family stayed at the Wyndham and raves about it. They highly recommend it.
  2. collcoll

    st. thomas hotel??

    Hello everyone! So I am hoping to get married in St Thomas in May 2011. I am planning on having the ceremony at the catholic cathedral on the island, and having thereception at Havana Blue. I am estimating about 20 guests. I had origianlly been communicating with the Marriott Frenchmen's reef because they offered a very affordable group rate for my guests. However the communication has dropped off and I now cannot get ahold of anyone. I also have watched their ratings/reviews on trip advisor steadily decline over the past 2 months! They once has an approval rating in the high 70's and it is now in the 60's!! Does anyone have any suggestions of better hotels/resorts in st. thomas? I really just want a friendly, cleanly hotel with a great beach for my guests! Thanks everyone!!!