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  1. We had to re-order pants as well. We ordered custom made and asked for it really fast and put a date and had the pants in 8 days or something crazy like that. I would do the custom pants and re-order right away.
  2. We used Phil Steingard for our photographer! We also lucked out and had Jamie Dimitry join us for the day and he was amazing as well! I would highly recommend either of them!
  3. Here is a review of our wedding on December 2, 2011. If you can't open it just PM me with your email and I'll send it to you. I posted this same review on the Majestic Colonial Brides facebook group. Good luck planning ladies! You are in great hands! Robyn review.doc
  4. The suits definitely do not look or feel cheap. People are shocked to learn we only paid $99 for my husband's suit. The groomsman also loved them. It was a great purchase! The $99 linen held up pretty good. You can tell in the linen shirts that they are wrinkled a bit at the end of the day but that is to be expected of any linen shirt.
  5. MNtoMX - We Loved the fire dancers! I did as a surprise to my husband and guests and I am so glad I decided to book them. I was back and forth on it for about a month and decided to finally just do it as it only happens once. I think we ended up tipping $300 which was about 10% of all the actualy services(food, drink, decorations).
  6. Hi Ladies, You have to add 16% to all your food and drinks. The only things you do not need to add taxes to are the decorations/flowers/DJ's etc. The resort charges 26% because its 16% tax and 10% gratuity. Sherio9090 - If I can remember correctly I believe the mozza sticks came in 3 pieces. For a group of 30 adults we ordered mozza sticks, Breast Chicken Brochette, and butterfly shrimp for Appy's and had the $35 option for dinner. There was tons of food and it was delicious! Hope this helps! Robyn
  7. We had our ceremony at the MC and then went to the Jellyfish for our reception on Dec 2/11 and it was amazing! I haven't had a chance to get my review written but I plan on posting a review under the jellyfish thread next week. In total we only spent $3900 at the Jellyfish and that included transport(its $6 per person as they switched companies), cocktails, dinner, drinks(we just had an open bar for everyone), decorations, cake pickup(we just used the one we received from the Majestic and Mayte decorated it for us), flowers for the tables, and firedancers. It was by far the best decision we made to switch our reception here. All of our guests were so amazed and said it was the highlight of the trip. Feel free to PM me or email me if you have any questions. My email is robynandky2011@hotmail.com Robyn
  8. Hi Ladies, I just wanted to post and let everyone know that the suits we ordered look so good on our wedding day. Studiosuits was so quick when we ordered things and when we put our last order in we asked for it within 4 weeks and received it in 2! I highly recommend using them. Here are some pics!
  9. Mel2010- Glad to hear its not just me freaking out! I meet with her on Tuesday so I guess I'll just have to wait until then! My other half just keeps telling me to take a breath and chill! Wish I was a man so I could care less about things like this! I am sure everything will work out and our weddings will be beautiful! Good Luck with you wedding! Enjoy the sunshine!
  10. Has anyone heard from Mayte in the last couple of days? She usually emails me back on the same day but I haven't heard back from her and being 11 days from my wedding it is freaking me out a little! I was just hoping to get confirmation on a few things before I see her next week. I am so ready for this wedding planning thing to be over with! I am ready to just relax on the beach with a drink in my hand!
  11. We are doing our ceremony at the Majestic Colonial and then the reception at the Jellyfish. We had already planned our wedding at the Majestic and then we changed our reception to the Jellyfish just a few months before. We talked about switching everything over but in the end decided to leave our ceremony at the Majestic because we qualified for the free one and we are having a 4pm ceremony which allows everyone the whole day to do what they want at the resort.Our photographer also told us that he prefers to do the sunset pictures at the Majestic compared to the Jellyfish so that also helped in our decision. If I would have planned from the beginning I would have probably just done it all at the Jellyfish but I am happy with our decision. I think both places will be beautiful!
  12. We are staying at the Majestic Colonial and having our ceremony there. We have decided to go to the Jellyfish for cocktail hour, dinner, and the reception. I would suggest looking into the Jellyfish restaurant because after planning our weddding at the Colonial we changed our minds to the Jellyfish and they have been awesome to work with. My wedding is in 16 days and I know we have made the right decision! Good luck with your planning!
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