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  1. Brilliant, thanks for the link! I am going to email them to see if I can get some more info, it looks beautiful!
  2. Fabulous post! We also are doing our wedding on a tight budget, as we are hoping to buy a house around the same time. These are some great tips and can't wait to use them when I start buying items.
  3. I always use a little bit of shampoo and warm water, lather, rinse and repeat as necessary!
  4. OMG i LOVE this thread... I have only just started delving into it, but I am going to take the time to read through all 53 pages! So many useful tips and advice to take into consideration, especially since my wedding is on a fairly tight budget! With the dress comments people are making, it makes me feel a whole lot better about getting a dress from Davids Bridal.. I fell in love with 2 dresses by Augusta Jones and they are double what I wanted to pay for a dress so I have been torn about paying the extra or going for a cheaper dress. Definitely going to stick with my budget on this one and go for the David's Bridal dress, and they are lower than my budget so I can spend the money on a better photography package instead! And this has also helped me with cake dilemas. I am going for an AI resort wedding package, but the cake says it only serves 10 people (we are planning on having about 30) and I wanted a larger cake but by the sounds of it, the smaller one will do fine!! Thanks ladies, I'm sure I will have more to write when I finish reading this monster thread!!!
  5. Oh I just remembered a couple more tips! -If your lashes are naturally straight, CURL CURL CURL!! Give them a quick curl with eyelash curlers before you apply your fake lashes. This will help match the shape of the false lashes, and also gives you a guide of where to apply the lashes. -Use black eyeliner along the top eyelid as close to your lashes as you can get before you put on fake lashes, this serves as a guide as where to place your fakes and also covers the little gap you may get between your fakes and real lashes! -After the fakes are in place, let them dry, and you may want to add a coat of mascara or two to blend the lashes with your own.
  6. Great thread! Just wanted to add my 2 cents to the pot too!! My job as a performer entails full stage make up every day, great lashes that withstand the test of time (I often wear the same pair for about 3 weeks before they get destroyed!) are Ardell lashes, I wear 105's, but they have many different lengths, thickness and styles. My natural lashes are pretty long so these are about the same length as my naturals, but they add a nice amount of thickness, and add that extra 'pop' to my eyes! They are only about $5 i think, and you can get them at Walmart, CVS, Sallys, Target... basically everywhere! Even if you decide to go with more expensive lashes and just want to practise applying and wearing lashes, these are cheap enough to do that without having to feel the pull on your purse strings! A tip for everyone if you are applying fake lashes yourself - glue along the edge and apply so the lashes are more ''upwards'' to give you that wide eye look! And I use DUO glue from MAC to apply them. One tube lasts me about a year! It's great for people with sensitive skin and eyes as its hypoallergenic and very light. Easy to take off with a bit of oily eye make up remover. Thanks all
  7. bump I have managed to get a little bit of information from a couple of the northern Dominican hotels around Puerto Plata if anyone else is looking into this destination. It's a little cheaper than Punta Cana. But still if anyone out there has had a DW in the north then I would love their input of how it went and how they liked it etc. Thanks
  8. Has anyone got married, or is anyone planning to get married in Puerto Plata (and the surrounding areas)? It is a place my fiance and I are seriously looking into but there is little information out there on it compared to Punta Cana. We are on a fairly tight budget and we also want our guests (approx. 30 we are thinking) to be able to afford to attend and celebrate with us. We have already been on vacation there once, we stayed at BlueBay Villas Doradas, it was a lovely smaller, adults only, AI resort, and it has very good hotel rates. I am just struggling to find any wedding information for there other than 1 page on their website! We are not averse to other hotels either, so if anyone has recommendations we will look into them! I have already emailed off for some info from a couple of the resorts but I was wondering if anyone had any experience, stories, photos that they would like to share? Thanks all
  9. Yes $400 for a double is a little expensive for us too. Which is such a shame... I wonder if they will use the Hard Rock All Access card for points and stuff too... We have travelled round the world a lot with work and actually gone to a lot of Hard Rock Cafe's and a couple of the hotel/casino's and it just seems like a good way for us to tie the knot...meaningful I guess! Plus my man is a bit of a rocker himself! At least my wedding is still 2 years away yet that there's time to see what happens with it and hopefully some more information and other peoples experiences will surface!!
  10. Thanks everyone! We are also looking into Puerto Plata!
  11. I want to book here for 2012 after it has become Hard Rock Hotel and Casino but I can't find much information on it yet. Has it officially changed over yet? I also worry about how much the guest rooms are per night, I know its all inclusive but that is quite a lot! I have emailed them asking for information but they are yet to get back to me, I am guessing from all of your posts it is a waiting game!
  12. Hi everyone! My name is Laura, my fiance and I got engaged in Feburary this year and we are planning our wedding in the Carribbean, either St. Lucia or Dominican Republic for May 2012, both of our families and friends will have to travel wherever we have our wedding (I am from England and he is from Canada) so we figured a destination wedding is our best idea! I look forward to reading all the posts and hopefully finding out some information which we can use! We are looking into getting married at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino that is opening up in Punta Cana but haven't found much information on it yet, other than what is on the Moon Palace resorts website currently. Happy surfing and nice to meet you all
  13. Wedding at Bluebay Villas Doradas

    Pros: Adults only, All inclusive, Value for money, Small/intimate resort
    Second time at this resort. This time round it was for our wedding! Great all inclusive, adults only hotel. It's a smaller resort which is great if you are there with a group of people like we were for our wedding. There was 25 of us all together and you didn't have to search around too long to find anyone you were looking for! There are 3 pools - one quiet pool by the spa, one noisy pool with a swim up bar, and then another pool that is used mostly for activities such as pool volleyball.
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