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  1. This is the pricelist that they went by for us!! Hope this helps. http://www.weddingpackages2010.blogspot.com/
  2. My wedding date was 1/20/2011 and I used Photosouvenir!! They were awesome, and definately worth the money. I bought the gold package and the 20 min dvd. They do amazing work and are super friendly people. Taking pics was so easy and FUN. My hubby said that he had the best time and it felt natural. I would suggest them to ANYONE!!! Good Luck!! Hali
  3. We are back from our wedding/honeymoon!! Everything was perfect and exactly as I imagined and even better. 1) Upon arrival they greet you with "Welcome Home" as they hand you a glass of champagne. You never have to lift a finger for anything as long as you're there. The service is wonderful and the people there are so kind and happy. 2) Wedding planners are great and will meet any request you have. My wedding was very simple with only 4 guest in attendance. The flowers were SOO pretty and more than what I expected. The cake was very tasty and elegant. 3) We used Photo Souviner and they were GREAT at their jobs. We did the gold package with the 20 min video and I'm so glad I did...I spent way more on my photos and video than on my dress and it was worth every penny. 4) I can honestly say that if any of you are stressing over anything at all...just stop and enjoy the ride. I know it might seem that the planners are taking a long time to reply or that they might not care about your wedding, but they do this everyday and they will get to your questions. I never stressed and would suggest this resort to anyone for a wedding site. 5) Food was good. Down here in the south we are hooked on heavily seasoned food and in the Dom. Rep. they are not. So I'm sure I dumped tons of salt on everything. But really it's not that bad. 6) Only complaint we have is that the beds are REALLY HARD, but as I told my husband "if that's the only complaint we have it's a great place". Also, we were in Excellence Club which I loved. The night before the wedding he had his own room and it had a odor...i'm willing to bet that most of the floor level rooms (especially garden view) had the same problem. 7) I suggest everyone takes a shot of MamaJuana (atleast one) 8) We took $100 in 1's and that was plenty. The people there don't expect the tip but they do appreciate it. My parents stayed at a dif resort and they said our staff was very friendly and could speak better english than theirs. The beaches were NOT over crowded and no children...very nice. I really hope this helps someone!! I'm sure there's more, but I just can't think of it now so please message me if there are any questions. Hali
  4. My FH and I are leaving our home in just 45 mins and driving to the airport!! We leave for Excellence first thing in the morning and we can't wait. Our wedding will be Thur @ 4:00!!! Wish us luck and I'll return with a post on how things went. HAPPY PLANNING FROM ROBBY AND HALI!!!!!!
  5. Atrott, I can't read your review so you may or may not have answered this question there, but what type of things did you do for entertainment while at the resort. I know sun bathing on the beach is a must, but what other types of fun did you get into. My FH is easily bored with laying on the beach for multiple days at a time and we will be there 7 days. Just curious on how I'm going to keep him occupied?!?!
  6. Hey LADIES!! My future hubby and I will be married on the 20th & I'm so excited. Will any of you be there while we are??
  7. Hello Ladies!! My wedding will be at Excellence Jan 20, 2011. I too am using photosouviner. I did get a quick reply from them after one e-mail. They sent me the current prices which he said are subject to change for the upcoming year, but basically the same. I like the simple package....just curious if anyone has heard if the pics are really released for you to make your own copies??
  8. I found my dress!! The first dress at the first place:)!! I'm so excited..it's exactly what I wanted and expected. It is a bridesmaid dress in light ivory with a champagne ribbon around the empire waist. It was WAY cheaper than most wedding dresses that are the same style (under 300). So if anyone is thinking of that style def check out the bridesmaid dresses and just keep an open mind about the funky color they have.
  9. I contacted Pastor Rick this week and he responded quickly. He e-mailed two dif ceremonies to pick from...one is traditional other is contemporary. Both are very nice. Isyuney said Pastor Rick is fine to do the ceremony but the judge will come later and pick up our signatures. So to my understanding it's a separate fee for Pastor Rick, which is $300. I assume the judge then later comes and makes it legal?!?! Sound about right?
  10. Congrats Sunshine!! I'm excited to hear about your trip:)!! I hear alot of people are using Pastor York. Can you give his contact info to me?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by atrott Hali, From what I understand it is enforced. I remember seeing something on one of the boards about flights getting cancelled/delayed & the wedding coordinator 'working around it' though. Not sure which island of resort this happened at. I personally am taking the 3 days as my 'working vacation' and getting all my favors organized & whatever else needs to be done at the resort before the wedding. After that, it's RELAXATION time!! :-) Thanks for the reply!! I'm going to let FH make the call and when to arrive. Since he's paying and I have plenty of planning to do myself, that's one call he can make. There's not much that I really need to do after we arrive (maybe some small favors), but does anyone know if there are small shops around that might have some odds and ends? One idea I really like is the "shoes optional" sign with a basket for the guests shoes...and a basket full of paint brushes to dust the sand off of your feet. I don't want to overload my luggage so I wonder if there will be places to pick up some things. Any idea??
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