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  1. Hey, my wedding is on November 18th,, so that is reasaonable prices for photography.... right, i am so disallusioned that everything is so cheap... wrong! hah, Â My wedding is at 1pm, then the dinner starts at 6:30, dont know what to do with guests between? I think we will have the toast and pics on the beach, then... i dont know... let everyone loose to go to the bars? Confused.
  2. No i havent booked anything yet... are you using their photographer, or is it better to get your own?? help
  3. so many questions!! Hi ladies, and perhaps i should start by saying that i am so excited and have so few months to plan.. just set the date TODAY and I am getting married at the RIU in NOVEMBER!! any of you out there. The most important thing to me is to be able to have dancing and speeches.. is this possible?? i know there packages are SEMI private, but i read that some girls have rented out the POOL BAR after dinner and it seemed to be great, please advise, how much, who do i ask? Thanks so very much for ANY help, i am lost and confused!
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