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  1. I am having the hardest time finding out where to buy sparklers. I have called places in the US that sell them cheaply but don't ship to Mexico and when I spoke with the coordinate at the resort, she said she found them for $8 each which is crazy expensive considering I found them here for $20 for 40 20 inch ones! Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions that would be great! Thanks!
  2. Hey, girls! After reading your enthusiastic reviews, I'd definitely like to learn more about DJ Mannia. Would one of you/all of you PM me more details? Thanks!
  3. They do allow kids, actually. I have at least 5 coming between age 4 and 16. PM me your email and I can forward over the info:)
  4. primavera- Oh I feel you, it is such a big decision and yeah, it's hard to make it final... our TA is working with the coordinator now finalizing our contract. I get nervous thinking about signing it and sending in the deposite because I feel like I'm going to leave something out and be screwed! Buuut, I'm sure it'll all work out. Have you done or are you doing a site visit?
  5. SDSteph- Â I definitely agree. I feel so much better about everything now that it's out of the way, and I can actually get to the fun stuff. It's such a hard choice, and there are sooo many places it feels like an impossible task to choose sometimes. Hopefully the Princess PDC works out for you guys!
  6. ekang88- Â I actually didn't visit any resorts Cancun -- just the resorts between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. Our top two choices were the Fairmont Mayakoba and the Zoetry, both pretty amazing, but the ceremony spot I wanted at the Fairmont was going to be a bit more expensive than we wanted to pay. The group sales woman who showed us the property and provided all the info was super nice and very helpful. The Zoetry ended up being the place we decided to go, as it had the private area for the ceremony. The coordinator always answers my emails straight away, and it's just a beautiful, intimate resort. Â Here is part of an email I sent to another bride about the trip and what I thought of the resorts we visited. Hope this helps! Â We looked at this place in Isla Mujeres. We met with wedding planners there who would do the whole thing for you, and it has a cool set up. Their website is www.SunHorseWeddings.com and their email is lyna@sunhorseweddings.com. The girl I worked with was Lyna, super sweet! If you email her, tell her I gave you her contact info. We looked at the Dreams Riviera Cancun, beautiful resort but no private place for the ceremony (which was a big thing for me), and the coordinator there is swamped. I saw her calendar, and there was pretty much at least one wedding there everyday from April-July... and I didn't even see the other months! The Azul Sensatory is also very nice. Their beach unfortunately is not what I was looking for. It was sort of brown and murky, but they have an awesome site for the ceremony on the roof that is absolutely gorgeous! Super friendly staff there too, and the restaurant we ate at was amazing! We also saw the Iberostar hotels. We stayed at the Grand, and it was really nice. The only thing was their beach is man made with imported sand, so it's like normal sand, not the powder white sand that's native to the region, which won't matter at all to some, but I wasn't crazy about it. It was still beautiful though. The staff was very friendly. Again they didn't have a private area for the ceremony but had a nice reception area. They don't allow kids to stay there, but they can attend the wedding. It's pricey for guests as well, closer to $1200 for flight and everything, but they can stay in the other Iberostar properties that are all in that area for cheaper. They would need a guest pass for $75 to come on the the Grand property if staying at the different hotels. Â I have some pictures if anyone is interested in the ones I mentioned that I can post.
  7. So after a month of trying to figure out how to make my own monogram I finally figured it out thanks to this forum and all of you DIY brides out there! Such a small thing I know but I am so excited! I wanted to share and see what you  guys thought. I used PowerPoint and found the image of the little palm tree through google image search.   Â
  8. We found a place!!!!! We're going with Zoetry. We just came back from our site visit a couple of weeks ago and had a great time! We were deciding between the Fairmont and the Zoetry and for us, the Zoetry won out althought the Fairmont is amazing... just a little too pricey. We saw six different resorts so I'll post later to let you know what I thought of all of them if there is any interest. Hope you girls are making progress and find something soon:)
  9. I'm definitely going to use a TA, I've heard it makes it much easier for handling guest. We are expecting around 75 people and I won't be able to help all of them and plan the wedding. Let me know if you hear from Dreams RC... maybe I have the wrong contact info, but I still have not heard back from them.
  10. Have you been able to get a hold of the WC at DRC? I have emailed her a couple of time and have yet to hear anything...
  11. Michelle- Totally in the same boat with the kids coming too... it makes it a bit harder and kinda limits you. But as long as they show up, I'm happy to accommodate them. And yes, the coordinator at Azul Sensatori is great, she is so quick to respond and I love it. They were a top choice and then someone booked my date before I could, same thing happened at the Iberostar Grand! Dominique- Have you been able to get a hold of the WC at Dreams RC? I have emailed her a couple of times with no response... I really like it but I'm worried we may have some communication issues if we went there.
  12. Am I the only one who feels extremely behind? Just wondering if there were any spring 2011 peps out there looking in the Riviera Maya area still trying to narrow their search... Maybe we could help each other figure this out! I'm looking at May of 2011 but maybe sooner. I think I've narrowed it down to these but will definitely still consider others... 1. Zoetry 2. Azul Sensatori 3. Iberostar Grand 4. Dreams Riviera Cancun 5. Anyone looking at these places and have insights? I made an excel spreadsheet with about 25 resorts with about 15 different categories for each if anyone wants to see it, PM me!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Knbell22 I will be going to a wedding at Zoetry this weekend so if any of you ladies have any specific picture requests, let me know and I will do my best to get them for you I would LOVE to hear how the wedding was at Zoetry! It is one of my front runners right now and it'd be great to have a first hand opinion. Any pics or thoughts or whatever would be awesome!!
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