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  1. I leave in 8 days....and I feel like I have been waiting forever too! A year was long enough for me! Thank you to all for the suggestions, recommendations and pictures you have shared! I will be sure to post a good review when I return:) Maria has been fantastic so you ladies that are still planning are going to love her. One short note, if anyone is getting their hair done at the hotel salon, they can only book 2 people at a time... Good luck with everything ladies:)
  2. $100 hmm that has gone up! Would you mind sending me the brochure(miconnelly@yahoo.ca)? My friend who was to do my hair is now expecting and due the week of the wedding! We are planning on trying out a few styles and I have heard as long as you have pictures, they do a really good job! My only other suggestion is to Google hair salons in Playa del Carmen. I think somewhere on this blog there is a place recommended....probably before page 35 if I remember correctly! Good luck! 45 days left for me! Oh my goodness, so much to do:)
  3. That's exciting Calee! We will be at the disco as I am going to pay for it for a few hours....we have a few kids coming:) So be sure to join us at 11pm when it opens to everyone! Krista, that's too bad but hopefully you will have a fab time and can tell us all about it! And share pictures! Jenn, I am talked to the ladies tomorrow sometime about flowers. I have no idea if I want real or silk, I just know I want some blue flowers in my bouquet!! Am figuring it all out this week asap! What about you? Beach.rani-my pick for a photographer was Octavio Montes but he was booked on my day. He also has a partner now though so I am going with her (Natalia) and they are $600 for 3 hours, the cd and I forget how many prints but it is a much better deal than the resort! Anyone willing to send pics, my e-mail is miconnelly@yahoo.ca Michelle
  4. Krista my wedding is April 18 at 1pm:) When is yours? I have looked at Michael's for the flowers and they are not that great. I am considering ordering from a place in Ontario so hopefully I have left enough time! Here is the link: http://enchantingmemoriesstore.com/1.html
  5. I'm interested in Welcome bags as well but am not sure how to get everything down there??? Suggestions? I am also wondering about flowers too....is anyone doing silk? Or has anyone had good experience with the flowers? My girls are going to be in blue and I will be in ivory and I didn't see anything in the pics Maria sent me:( Help! I am down to 3 months now!
  6. Does anyone know if they are super strict on the long pants in the dining room rule? My fiance and his guys want to wear shorts since we are getting married at 1pm.....they could always change but I wanted to see how strict they are first!!
  7. Thanks! Do you know if they will serve appy's during a cocktail hour? I am thinking of having a cocktail party as a welcome party now the night before. Will check with Maria too:)
  8. Anyone else getting married the week of April 16, 2011? I am looking for the bride on the same day as me so maybe we can do some sharing?? My day is April 18 at 1pm. Am trying to find a photographer as well.....so many suggestions! And silk flowers or not?! Seriously didn't we all decide to go away to make life easier?! And what is this private cocktail party with dj, dance floor and on the beach? Can anyone fill me in? Loving all the help from everyone!
  9. What a great thread to be on-I am planning my wedding at Sandos for next April-just need quotes and I can book it! Thanks for all the info thus far...so many ideas!
  10. Well, this should be fun hearing all about what people have done before at my chosen resort! Looking forward to it all! My name is Michelle and I hate making decisions! We are getting married the week of February 19, 2011 at the Sandos Playacar Beach Resort. So many choices! Bring it on! M
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