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  1. HI Siobhan, Can you PM me or give me your email address so I can get those price/packages to you. Sandi
  2. Kim, If you can figure out how to PM me, I have an email with a list of the 2011 packages available. We selected the paradise package and it was all we needed and didn't have to add things for extra $$. Sandi
  3. Hi Sara, I do have a list of the wedding packages OCT offers. If you wish to add me to facebook I can pass on any information you need (Sandi Perisic). Good luck wedding planning! You will not be disappointed with the OCT as your wedding location. Everything was beyond my expectations. Sandi
  4. Lise, I believe the package was called the Paradise. I can forward a copy of it to you on FB including the price and all other details. Try your hardest to convince your fiance to go with the outdoor reception. You won't regret it. I sent some pics today for you. Sandi
  5. Hi Steph, I just got back from my wedding at the OCT and we used a family member to take our pictures. If I'm not mistaken, you can use an outside photographer for a fee. You have to pay their day pass as well as a fee. Ask Ana about that. Sandi
  6. HI Lise, I personally think it would be a shame to have the private reception indoors. It's such a beautiful location. There were no barriers put up. There are built in barriers with the terrace walls with one side of the area with glass doors leading to the lobby lounge area. You have your own area on the terrace top. I honestly do not remember anybody else around other than our guests. We had 32 people and decided to have a large square for our dinner party. There were 8 people on each side. Very intimate. Are you on FB? If you want to add me as a friend (Sandi Perisic), you can see some of my pictures including many from the reception. We had a package deal so I don't know how much the reception was. The package deal included everything from the flowers,private reception, legal work, the justice of the peace, my hair and makeup etc. If there is anything else, feel free to ask. Sandi
  7. I walked down the aisle to "1,2,3,4" by the Plain White T's for our beach wedding in Mexico. Check it out on youtube. It was perfect
  8. Hello OCT brides, We've been back from our dream wedding at the Ocean Coral and Turquesa for two weeks now and I needed to share a quick message with all future brides to let you know how amazing our wedding was. First let me start by saying, you are in very good hands with Ana and Arianna. I could not have asked for better wedding co-ordinators. They are both very sweet and accomodating. The wedding day was absolutely perfect. It was at 2pm on the beach with the reception at 6pm on the roof top terrace. I highly recommend having the private reception on the terrace. Although it is just off the lobby area, it felt very intimate and at no time were we bothered by other guests of the hotel. We had our own wait staff, and bartenders. All of our guests raved about how great the food was. We selected the surf and turf option. We did the dinner, first dance, speeches, cake cutting and even had time for some music/dancing in the three hour time period we were given. Instead of rambling on about how much I loved our wedding, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask. Sandi
  9. Any suggestions on processional music. I'm down to the wire and haven't been able to come up with anything I like. Help please!!!!
  10. Awesome find on that website Lisa!! I've just ordered 36 Apple Green chair bows for only $40 including shipping from the US. If there is any other bride getting married in January who would like to use them after, please let me know and I'll leave them there for you! Sandi
  11. Hi Lisa, I am booking the wedding package through the hotel. There are about 4 different choices. I actually think they are a good deal! If you need the packages forwarded, let me know. I would love the company name for your bows. I was just going to see about buying some material and making them. But I'll do a little shopping around first. As for table decorations, I am bringing some blow up palm trees (that will fit nicely inside our suitcase), flower petals and ribbon for table bows. Something simple while keeping with the theme. Has anyone been divorced and need to have their divorce certificate translated and certified?? Just found out today we need to do this and I have NO idea where to go. HELP PLEASE!! S
  12. Aubrey, If you have any information to share, that would be great. I JUST booked the hotel less than a week ago after deciding to switch from the Grand Riviera Princess. If I do buy my own material for bows, I'll be using lime green and you are more than welcome to have them when we leave. Not sure if this matches your colour scheme at all. Some goes for the decorations I'm bringing. As we get closer, I'll let you know and you can decide. Kristen, I think we are going to have the rooftop outside private wedding, but it will definately be a game time decision! I need to see both locations! We are not sure whether to select the Romance or Paradise package. It all depends on whether the room upgrade is the the priviledge. They both include a private reception for 3 hours. The Romance package is indoors and the Paradise is outdoors. However, Ana did say for an additional $3 per person you can have the Romance package reception outdoors. If you need a list of the packages, let me know.
  13. Lisa, I'm getting married 4 days after you on January 24th, 2011!!!!! We have 34 guests coming with us. We were booked at the Grand Riviera Princess resort, the location of the explosion where 7 people were killed. After several sleepless nights, we decided to switch hotels and book the OCT. A little scary since it too me a month of information gathering to select the GRP and I only researched the OCT for about 2 days. So, I'm a little nervous but the thought of getting married where people were killed just wasn't sitting well. Have you heard anything else on bows for the chairs? I was considering bringing my own ribbon for the chairs, but I think it's more cost effective to rent them at $2.50 per chair. I am bringing my own table decorations. We are going with the Paradise package with includes a private outdoor reception. I'm getting sooooooo excited!! We arrive on the 19th and are staying until the 28th. If you get any more information you think you could share, please pass along!!! Sandi
  14. I've opted NOT to do a semi private/private reception to keep costs down. Personally, I think it's ridiculous how much they charge for them when the hotel is all inclusive!! What my fiance and I have decided to do is pay a small fee ($8 per person) to have a cocktail hour before and after dinner. The first one before dinner will be under a private hut. It will be immediately following the ceremony. At this time, we are going to say a few thank you's in lieu of traditional boring speeches. After an a la carte dinner, we are having another cocktail hour in a bar that will be reserved just for our group. At this time we will cut the cake and have our first dance. A far cheaper option and we still get the privacy for our speeches and dance. Hopefully your hotel offers this sort of option. Good luck!!
  15. My fiance and i have decided to go with an a la carte reception. Any recommendations which one had good food and set up the tables in a semi private way? Also, i'm thinking about having a cocktail hour after dinner to do the dances, speeches and cake cutting. I see you can pay for an hour cocktail party. Has anybody else done this?
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