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  1. I see what you mean....however I don't think he's taking advantage of brides at all, I know that the other pricing I got from others was still quite a bit of money and the quality of products they used and their portfolio didn't come close. After meeting with Fernando in person, he is the sweetest man ever, both my mother and I feel in love with him. Palace Resorts have the most inexpensive weddings around, so paying a little more for the hair/makeup wasn't a huge deal, for us anyway. I had budgeted $2000 for myself and bridesmaids for hair and makeup though, so he fell under that. Just like anything in life, there are so many different tiers of pricing. People think Del Sol Photography is expensive, but really, I think you get what you pay for.
  2. My hair and makeup through him is $510 for just me. The bridesmaids prices weren't too bad, $90 for makeup and $75 for hair. He's one of the best, so he can charge those prices. It's definitely high, but it depends on how important that part of the budget is to you.
  3. An outside vendor fee????? Nope, never even HEARD of it!
  4. LOL, another bride on here gave me the info. That's why this is a great website. I'll PM you.
  5. I didn't have to press for it. I asked my WC, she said no, so then I went to her boss. It took me about 48 hours to get it approved.
  6. I had Pilar and then Lisa, and Lisa was always VERY fast to respond. I'll send you a PM about something you might be able to do.
  7. I complained and got a different WC out of Miami. I was dealing with Pilar, who does Member Weddings. She was SO RUDE to me. I said I would cancel outright if they didn't give me someone else, so they switched my WC to Lisa Lizano who is the Supervisor of the weddings dept. Lisa is awesome! (Pilar no longer works for Palace Resorts, I believe she left about a month ago).
  8. Well, considering they botched our site visit, won't answer emails, scheduled a corporate outings Beach Olympics at the same time as my beach ceremony, and actually had the nerve to ask ME to change my wedding date after invitations had ALREADY gone out, they're definitely not on my list of people to trust. I'm glad you aren't having a hard time...I know 4 other brides who have been having nightmare experiences at Palace Resorts. It may have to do with the fact that they're the least expensive resort to hold a wedding at....but regardless, they should be a little more accomodating, especially since my invite list was 215 people and I was bringing them a lot of business.
  9. Hi - in the contract is states that outside vendors are not permitted on premesis. I had them modify the contract to say "Exception has been made for Bride and Groom to use outside vendors". I just asked my WC from Miami, Lisa, and she took care of it. It is in our signed contract : )
  10. Nope, it's the same for all the Palace Resorts. Tt was written in my contact that there are no outside vendors allowed too. You have to request that you contracts states you can use whoever you want. That's how they take advantage of brides unfortunately. I personally think Palace Resorts does a TERRIBLE job with their weddings. I've been working with them for 9 months and I don't know how they stay in business. A few other brides on here gave the huge heads up to get outside vendor clause in the contract or you end up spending a lot more money. You can obviously use theirs, just trying to help brides who don't want to get ripped off.
  11. Your WC is lying to you. You don't HAVE to use any of their preferred vendors. If they can get you to use them, they make more money, because they get a kick back. I had it specifically written into my contract that I could use whoever I wanted.
  12. Hi Burlia, Once we signed a wedding contract we asked for the 2 night comp. It was a pain to get it, but I pushed and we got it. They took very good care of us during that time as well.
  13. I've totally fallen off the wagon thru the holidays ....urgh!!!!
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