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  1. Great thread!~ Ya I think we are going to do the renewal of vows as well and save the rings etc for the ceremony away. I have an uncle who can marry us secretly before hand so hopefully we will do that and save some too!!)
  2. Hey Sheila, where did you get your sand kit at ? Ya I was just figuring out the old site now trying to figure this one all out and i miss seeing my ticker too lol.
  3. I just clicked on the link on her review on the previous page here....the info is all there...
  4. Just checked out your pics SAP!! You looked soo beautiful. Lovedboth the dresses and shoes. I sooo can't wait for my day now... glad i picked this placed. The beach looks amazing. Thanks for sharing with us! =)
  5. Hey for all you brides that just got back. When you used the spa did you book your appointments when you got there or? Just wondering what the services/prices are and how far in advance are we suppose to book. I do have a ways to go...just wanna make sure they can accomate a few of us the day before. ...
  6. I have chosen Michael Weiler and his prices seem reasonable to me and I love his photos! You can check his photos out on FB.... Caribbean Emotions is his page! Or check his site out too!! Caribbean Emotions,wedding photography and movies Domenican Republic Punta Cana
  7. This IS a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing. Think I may have to ad this to my list as well!! Love it!
  8. SO glad to hear the wedding was a success! It is making me more and more excited each day to hear all the reviews on here!!!!! I found my shoes for my dress and i LOVE them! Feels like it is all coming together and I have finally chosen my colors! What another relief!))
  9. awe that sucks...kinda personal but are you taking the pill at all?? I am off of mine now but I used to just keep taking them without skipping that one week of "sugar pills" to prevent mine from starting if I was on vacation etc... and it always skipped it for that week until the next time came around
  10. I want to lose 20 lbs!!!.. I just wish I could stick to a routine and do it! So hard! But I am getting married now so the motivater feels a little different! )) Good Luck to you all!!
  11. I have had 4 treatments of lazer on my underarms..hardly painful at all but very quick for such a small area too... I noticed after the first 2 how the hair barely grows! Going to get two more sessions to be certain.. Want to try the bikini next....that would be soo worth it but probable more painful so I am a little nervous!
  12. Thanks! good to know...ya not sure what we will do but prob pick the cheaper way lol... went to boston for Lady Gaga! OMG! all I have to say hahah it was AMAZING!! 5 of us ladies went so it was a fun road trip! I hope we have a long summer too!!! Just love summer!!
  13. OMG, Rachel. I absolutely LOVE this idea.... I want to do something fun like that!! That is just awesome!!
  14. Hey Ladies, sooo haven't been here in a while it seems lol. Just getting back from vacation!!! ahhh! So i tried tp upload photos on photobucket but not sure why it wouldnt work lol found pics i had on there from like 5 years ago that i forgot about LOL... might try to open a new account and start fresh..and try that way... It is such a great feeling having bought THE DRESS!! i know ... i feel like the stress is over lol... I have my wedding at 4pm too and I think that will be a great time.... How many songs did you guys find you needed to have for the guests that are waiting for you to walk down the aisle and to play during and after... did u just have them on an ipod and they play it for you or?? Did anybody do the trio band?
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