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  1. That sucks that they discontinued their direct service, I love Westjet, and don't mind Transat. I'm not even looking until 2016, but hopefully something will change
  2. I'm so sad that Mayte isn't there... she was 90% of the reason I we chose the venue. I've already put my deposit down for 2016 (I'm an OCD planner, that's why it's so far away). Are there more brides that have had weddings since she's been gone? Just curious on the decorations and overall experience.
  3. Can someone send me pricing as well? Getting married 2016... thanks nikita_grai@hotmail.com
  4. We've had great responses from Iberostar so far, but I'm overwhelmed, and haven't really seen any pictures of a ceremony.
  5. Hey All, Looking at getting married at the Grand Bavaro or Bavaro in Punta Cana for 2016. I'm super overwhelmed, and don't even know where to start. Does anyone have suggestions, or things to be on watch for? I've contacted the resort for pricing, and hopefully found a photographer, but that's it. Does anyone have pictures of an actual ceremony there? I want to see the view. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Don't supposed you have pictures? I love your comment "the beach was like sugar"
  7. Thank you all very much I appreciate everything.
  8. Thanks for the feedback so far everyone I'm loving this site, and have found a ton of ideas already, pretty sure I have it narrowed down
  9. Oooooh, I'm looking at the Gran Bahia Prinicpe one as well... I was just at a wedding in the Mayan Riviera there, and it was super nice, and it's a great chain.
  10. Hi there everyone! My name is Nikita, I got engaged on my birthday last year to an amazing man. We've just started getting ideas for weddings, and are positive that we want to do a destination wedding, the only thing is, we don't even know where to start. We're thinking Punta Cana... I would have loved the Mayan Riviera, but my brother just got married there, and I don't really want it all to be the same. If anyone can tell me where to start, or lead me in a good direction, I would sure appreciate it Thanks!
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