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  1. Tissey, I also thought the reception on the beach would be really nice but a bit iffy due to the wind. I didn't know we could wait until we get there to decide, that's great! Â Thank you so much echo2_62 for the detailed info! It has definately calmed my nerves a bit. We're not terribly picky about it. I think I might be over analyzing the small details..I'm sure you can all relate! The private banquet room with A/C sounds pretty good! Did you use the resort photographer? If you did, were you happy with your pictures? I've been looking into other photographers in the area and the prices are outrageous!
  2. Hi Ladies, Â I'm getting married at DPA November 22, 2010. We are sooo excited!! The resort looks beautiful and this site is so helpful! Â I have a question about reception spots. We would like to have a private reception (35 people). Jacy has said we can have the reception in either the banquet room or pool terrace and we have the option of renting out one of the restaurants. She emailed me picutes of the different reception options and the banquet room looks kind of dated. For anyone that has been married there already or knows about this...what does the pool terrace look like and how private would it be? and how is the banquet room? Don't know what to choose.. Help!
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    Do not get married at...

    Could you provide a review of your wedding at the Bachata? I am about to book this resort for my wedding in November and am reading some pretty negative reviews..starting to get very nervous!
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    Riu Bachata Wedding

    Congratulations on your wedding! I am about to book the Riu Bachata for my wedding in November. I've been reading reviews and am extremely nervous about it, after reading a lot of negative reviews of the Bachata. Any feedback and reviews you could give me about your personal experiences would be really appreciated!!