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  1. I just sent you a PM. Thank you for posting pictures of BV! They're very helpful!
  2. spiralshape

    How much is your wedding costing you?

    Ours is about $30,000 including everything (engagement ring, dress, airfare, accomodations, ceremony, reception, honeymoon). But my parents are giving us $20,000 as a wedding gift, so I guess it's actually $10,000. A big chunk of money goes to our honeymoon. We're spending 8 days in Playa Del Carmen and 10 days in Greek isles. It's cheap compared what we would have spent at home. My cousin and her husband (both lawyers) spent $70,000 on their wedding!
  3. Hotel Lunata. They have a beautiful garden on the site. You can have a ceremony there and then move to a restaurant on 5th Ave. for reception.
  4. Blush wedding gown with a backdrop of the Caribbean ocean and jungle. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your experience Ceelou. My wedding is also at Blue Venado. Your reviews are very helpful!