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  1. Sure, your the first person getting married around the same time! I don't have much done, I did get a dress last weekend and only because they told me if I didn't order that day, the dress wouldn't get there on time!!
  2. We were actually going to use Elizabeth Medina also but found it more cost effective (she will photograph 3 days since she is staying at the resort). Azul did approve us brining Elizabeth if we were going to use her and this was a couple of months ago, as long as you ask permission and pay the 500 dollars you can use almost anyone (Del Sol is not allowed on Karisma property). I would suggest looking into photographers in your area or other areas and ask what they would be willing to do it for, I was shocked at how many would do a destination wedding and how the cost could be lower than going local. Our photographer is doing it for the cost of her trip plus a lower fee and that includes all the photos, some specialty photos on canvas and a coffee table style book and she is bringing her assistant - so it is sometime worth looking into.
  3. We are getting married at another Karisma resort and are bringing a photographer from home and had absolutely no issues. Prior to deciding to bring her with, we were going to use an outside photog and understood there was a 500 dollar outside vendor fee and that is it to use whoever you want. So yes they have a policy but if you want to use someone else you pay the outside fee and use whoever you want. I dont know if this is a reason to boycott a resort, many of the properties are beautiful and we have had no other issues/problems/concerns.
  4. Hi ladies, I dont post on here a ton but I do read most posting and the info is always great. I have been going back and forth on having a private reception vs the restaurant...I was hoping you all could tell me what you are doing and why? If your doing the restaurant, what are you doing afterwards? Does anyone know if they have live music in the bars? Are you doing a cocktail reception at all? I keep going back and forth and could use some help sorting out my options! We are going to have 40, maybe more people. Thanks in advanced for your help!!
  5. Can you tell me more about your dessert buffet, we have been talking about that since dessert is my favorite part! I haven't seen anything for that in the catering packet, so any information you can give me would be awesome! Thanks!! Â
  6. We are planning to be somewhere in the middleof where you are at with the budget. One thing that helped us was bringing our own photog, I thought it would have cost quite a bit more but with encouragement from the girls on here, we started looking for someone to bring from home. So that being said we started asking around and quite a few offered their services at a lower rate just for the opportunity to go.... We found one locally and will be paying for her trip and a small fee for her to do the wedding, she has also offered to do the day before, day of and a TTD the day after...So we are getting an awesome deal. So long story short, look into bring one with you.
  7. Our photographer is going to be doing 3 days of photos but after the wedding we are doing a TTD, did you guys use your wedding dress or buy a second dress just for the TTD? If you bought a second dress, can I ask where and what you paid for it? I am going home (MN) in Oct to look for dresses with my mom and was curious on what everyone else did....Thanks!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by beaz2be I'm not working with Faye, but for what it's worth finding out about the reception locations was the one thing for me that took AGES for a response. (well, felt like ages anyways... probably only a couple weeks) I am glad to hear I am not the only one, it does seem like it is taking a long time an answer. Thanks, that makes me feel better!
  9. Has anyone else started working with Faye? What do you think so far? I am still waiting to hear back from her about reception locations.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by MaggieandJay This thread was my godsend! I ended up picking the resort because of the ladies on here and i felt I would get the best wedding! 2 weeks!!! How Exciting!!! I was orginally shooting for May 2012 but had to change due to my grandparents and My mom thinking 2 years was too long for their health! They seems fine to me but when you take some of Mom's money I guess you have to know what to give into! I am hoping this photo thing I am about to do works! I have 2 blind from birth poodles. Xander and Leonitis. Xander is the big one and Leo is the little one! We got them from a rescue here in Houston. We took Xander because I am a sucker for special needs. 3 years later the same rescue called us up and said we have another blind dog, would you like it. I don't dress them up very often but the Dog Groomer will do it during the holidays and take their pics for a small fee. She is going to take a pic of them in Tuxes for my favor card! Thats awesome you were able to take in both dogs! They are really cute and I'm usually a big dog person, we have golden retrievers....I cant wait until we are able to rescue another one, but 3 is my limit now...That's great!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by thefuturemrslutz I think you will be SO happy you did this!! Thank you, I think so too! She is so excited to go and has already got ideas on what they want to do and we aren't getting married until April.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by murmel I agree. I thought it would be much more expensive, but when we totalled up what we were getting, it became a great price to bring our photographer with us. He will be doing photos at our welcome cocktail party, the wedding and then trash the dress! So excited And I'm a junior member! Thats awesome, ours is doing pretty much the same thing, she will also go golfing and deep sea fishing with the guys (well her or her assistant).....Bringing one was definitely the way to go!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by mr.mrs.winski did everyone bring their own photographer? I'm a photo freak and I was wondering if anyone used any of the photographers the resort recommends We are bringing a photographer with also....I thought it would have cost quite a bit more but found a photogragher here that is giving me a fantastic price and will be doing 2-3 days of photos...It is actually cheaper for me to bring her, so were pretty excited. I did look into the photographers the resort offered and was not too impressed, so this was a better fit for us since photos are pretty important.
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