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  1. thanks i also got married on july 4 =) they do a fire work show around 10 pm so if you are considering the outside its great. I loved getting married on july 4th i'll post some cool props that they had outside that we took pics with =)
  2. http://vimeo.com/26107036 THIS IS MY VIDEO FROM JOCHY FERSOBE =)
  3. chelymo 05/2010-congratulations=) MysTea 11/01/2010 - Congratulations!! Alliecat023- 1/18/11-congrats!! CarribeanBride - 02/09/2011-congrats! Canadiansandy - 05/04/2011-your next=) dreamsmaybride - 05/11/2011 LiveLaughLove - 6/14/2011 CampbellSoup - 6/18/2011 elizabethrodriguez314 07/04/2011 Jaimele318 - 07/08/2011 CCin331July 07/23/2011 Great way to keep track of the DPB Brides! Plamento 10/20/2011 pnavaretta - 7/29/10 vcwedding2011 - 11/26/11 Cris - 12/7/11
  4. i used floresteria el tronco, she has alll types of flowers anything you want and she is amazing to work wih, she went above and beyond for me! i highly reccomand and her prices are half of what the resort charges, i did lots of roses and i also did a blower thats called boca de dragon, and i also used tropical flowers i posted pics if u look back in the forum =)
  5. hello thanks so much =) no i didnt let that bother me i made the best of it =) re the hair salon i actually didnt do my hair because they only had one lady and i had 7 people plus myself that needed to do our hair plus my guest. so i went to paradisus residential side and they have a salon=) they did an amazing job =)
  6. hey mel i went to the cocotal hair salon and i did my own makeup...
  7. hello i used floresteria el tronco rosa marte she is amazing.... please see attached email address floristeriaeltronco@gmail.com HER NUMBER IS 8093034737 THAT IS HER CELL
  8. my budoir shoot... Hey Ladies sorry i havent been around.... but i was going crazy with the wedding! My wedding was on July 4th please see attached pictures and my review.... -For my save the dates i did passport magnets from magnetstreet.com -For my invites i did pocket invitation from Magnetstreet .com -for my gift to my spouse i did a budoir shoot with jenerations... amazing... -for my welcome gift i decided not to do the welcome bag alot of the things i would put inside most of my guest would already bring so what i did was a bottle of brugal "extra viejo" per family in a bag with a a tag on it saying thanks for coming our wedding dates and names by rebecca at allurements....(i will post a picture of it if i find one =)) i ended up buying these in a local supermarket... the bags i bought online http://www.papermart.com/Product%20Pages/Product.aspx?GroupID=2513&ParentGroupID=18984 -for my programs i did the fans by rebecca at allurements she was amazing and got back to me right away on everything. -for bridal party i gave them coach bags and earrings that i wanted them to wear for the wedding and the men got coach wallets ( i went to the coach outlet) - i did a welcome letter for all of my guest with a timeline of events that i had planned. i made a seperate one for my bridal party. -i did the ceremony in la perroquia de nuestra senora which is right next to the pc airport 15 minutes away from the resort. i used dj mannia for the music at the ceremony and for the music at the reception he did a great job... My Wedding July 4 2011 Hello ladies i wanted to give u guys a quick review because i know you ladies helped me alot=) Lets start with the hotel this hotel is excellent the service is great the property is very well maintained and the food is sooooo good. i loved this hotel and i would def go back. as far as the wedding department! ever since melani has been switched out i see things getting worse i wasn't getting emails back from the wc, if i sent emails i would get one question answered out of 5, which was very upsetting. Once i saw this happening i put my self very organized i made spread sheet with questions i made a list of music for the dj i did a time line to the minute of more or less how i wanted my day to go. the only thing i regret was not making a list of what i expected from my wedding cordinator... and the reason i did this was because since they deal with so many weddings i would think that they would know or be fully trained... when i got to the resort i was told that my meeting with Leticia was the next day which was the 2nd. when i met with her she was a little disorganized she was asking me questions about things that was already discussed and right in front of her... i expected this since i went through 6 cordinators. My first impression was that she was def not a people person. She had asked me if i got champagne and strawberrys and till this day i didnt get it. (y bring it up?) i then gave her a suite case with all the decor and with my cake accesories which she messed it up. The cake did not come out like the picture i sent her which i am telling you guys must of been the simplest cake. The Day Of the Wedding I never heard fron her i went to go get my makeup and hair done and had to call my to be husband to go look for her to see if she can please get us a room so the bridal party could get ready i mean a simple phone call in the am to see what my day was going to look like would of been nice. she is the wedding cordinator! anyway when i got to my room around 2 i still didnt hear from her i called the front desk to get her, she finally called me back around 230 i asked her if she had seen my photographger she had no idea if he was there or not...ugh...(which he was because he is the best in the dr ) http://vimeo.com/26107036 but that made me very stressed the thought that maybe he wasnt there. Which she should of known this. as far as my ceremony i didnt do it at dreams because i disliked all the ceremony locations the beach is way to hott and public, then the gazebo was also to public for me. so i did it at la perroquia de nuestra senora it was so beautiful it was everything i wanted and more i used amstar to transport people which is affiliated with dreams but i didnt go through dreams because they seem to inflate all the prices. the ceremony was spiritual, private and it was just perfect. Since i did my ceremony out of dreams they dont handle it outside of dreams which is fine no big deal but i felt that i did pay for a ceremony so that in that case my wc should of been a little more involved or just ask questions is everything ok with that and so forth but she was just so not into anything and i was very disappointed with her. I think to avoid this please just write down everything you guys expectfrom her. The reception it was very nice the music was so good thanks to DJ Mannia who i also used for the ceremony and he was great! as far as leticia i didnt see her much and i felt that i was organizing everything even with the entrances and when it came to the cake cutting she sisnt guide us at all we were both kind of confused and it was just awful;(. i am not happy with the wedding department but overall everything turned out great but i do feel as though it did because of how organized i tried to keep everything. florist i used floresteria el tronco owner is rosa marte. she was better priced then the resort and she is amazing. the day that i got there she sat with me for 3 hours and showed me my flowers and how she was going to do everything in details. re emails she is not the greatest but when u arrive even if its something that doesnt have to do with flowers she goes out of her way to make it happen which is rare. my photographer Jochy fersobe- he is not with the resort but he is AMAZZZZZZIIIIINNNNGGG! i will posted a link with my same day editing video so you can see just a little piece of his work! Ladies remember when i told you about the suite case with decor that i brought to leticia i just want to let you know that she never gave it back her communication skills by person is just as bad as emails. i had to make a trip while in my honeymoon to go back and claim my stuff... she even had my waterford glasses. Overall i had a great time who wouldnt you are truly in paradise with all your family and friends. Things will go wrong just try not to stress and look at the overall picture. yes it would of been better if i had a different wedding cordinator but we hAD a blast and the food is good and thats what is important. ladies write a check list and write down everything u want to ask because they are totally disorganized! Hope this helps liz bm timeline.doc
  9. chelymo 05/2010-congratulations=) MysTea 11/01/2010 - Congratulations!! Alliecat023- 1/18/11-congrats!! CarribeanBride - 02/09/2011-congrats! Canadiansandy - 05/04/2011-your next=) dreamsmaybride - 05/11/2011 CampbellSoup - 6/18/2011 elizabethrodriguez314 07/04/2011 Jaimele318 - 07/08/2011 CCin331July 07/23/2011 Great way to keep track of the DPB Brides! Plamento 10/20/2011 pnavaretta- 7/29/10 vcwedding2011 - 11/26/11 Cris - 12/7/11
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