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  1. Hi Krod100! My MIL made the chair sashes but Jenny ordered the fabric & flowers for me for the gazebo. I highly recommend bringing or emailing Jenny (or Yanna if you're working with her) lots of photos. She made the gazebo look nearly identical to one of the photos I sent : )
  2. Hi Ladies - so I typed up a nice brief review and uploaded photos last night, but as I uploaded the last one, my computer crashed and I lost it all. So VERY briefly. We did the ceremony at the smaller gazebo - glad we did - much more private and less formal looking than the big white gazebo (went really well with our theme). Did cocktails and first dance and parent/kid dances on the pier - perfect for our group of 19. Did dinner on the beach - beyond perfect. Jenny is amazing and having the Circus of Dreams was most definitely the Wow factor. Will post a better review on the review board on Thursday. Oh! And Miljan from HDC was our photographer and I HIGHLY recommend him!
  3. Hello ladies! Quickly (I'll try to write a detailed review this weekend when I get home) but Jenny rocks! She bent over backwards to give me a wedding beyond what I even imagined! Breath taking! I cried three times, once at the ceremony when I walked around the corner and saw everyone & the decorations; once when I looked up & saw my hubby holding back tears; & once during the circus show when I realized how freaking lucky I was to be with these amazing people and having this amazing experience. If you guys want entertainment, and can swing the $2,000 for the show, I HIGHLY recommend it. The show was worth more than the $2,000 we paid for it! It was unbelievable! I'll try to post pictures and do a mire thorough review when I'm home. I hope everyone has a wedding as spectacular as mine was! Besos, Emma
  4. Hi ladies! My wedding is tomorrow and I'm so excited. I was really nervous before I got here because I'm super controlling when it comes to the details of the wedding (made my own cupcake tower and had my MIL make my table toppers, etc.). But after being here a day before meeting with Jenny (who is truly a doll & LOVES what she does) & hearing from all of my guests what a fabulous time they are having, I've totally relaxed and truly feel like even if everything turned out nothing like what I envisioned or if none of my decorations are even used, it would still be beautiful! This place is AH-MAZE-ING! The food is fine but the ambiance and the customer service are spot on! It has finally sunk in that being in this beautiful tropical place with my amazing friends & family that sent their vacation time & $$$ to be here for & with me, I really couldn't ask for anything more : ) I've been there so I knowing hearing "relax, everything will be wonderful" doesn't necessarily make things better at the planning stage, but I think hearing it from one more girl that's been there helps, so Relax, everything will be wonderful : ) So far my only suggestion is, for those that haven't booked flights yet, 1st choice - La Romana airport, 2nd - Punta Cana, last resort - Santo Domingo. We flew into Punta Cana - so cool! Thatched hut roofs, live musicians, cool breeze. La Romana is like 20 minutes away, compared to the hour & 45 minutes from Punta Cana. Our guests that flew into Santo Domingo said the drive was awful! The surroundings were scary & uncomfortable (& these friends are not prudes, they've traveled all over Asia & the Caribbean, etc.) I'm sending zen thought to all you planners out there because I've been there. None of you have made the wrong choice : ) Hugs, Emma
  5. Congrats Dana! I hope everything went smoothly and that your day was special : ) KrystalKelley - I found the same guy! And he's the only makeup artist I found so far. It's really too bad that we aren't getting married the same day because I would totally see if we could manage a group of 5 : ) jenngene - I'm getting married exactly one week after you. Are you as flustered as I am? It's not so much stressed as it is flustered, my brain is racing a million miles a minute with things I'd LIKE to get done before we go. Happy Days Ladies! Happy Days : )
  6. I'd be interested to find this info out too. Jochy Campusano is the only makeup artist I could find. You can send him a message through Facebook. He got back to me immediately and I would absolutely use him, except that to come to resort it needs to be makeup for a minimum of 5 people, and I am not having any bridesmaids in my wedding.
  7. Hi amurka! I believe the Dreams dancers are $100 per dancing couple and they do about 3 dances and the show lasts about 30 minutes. And they do do Bollywood dancing, which is what I would want them to do if I got the dancers as entertainment. But I really wanted The Circus of Dreams to perform. Jenny said that they $1,200 plus 16% tax for approximately a 25 minute show of floor acts only. For $2,100 plus 16% tax you can get a 45 minute show that includes aerial acts. I mean that really does seem like not so bad a price, but compared to the dancers and compared to the total cost of our "free" wedding, it's a ton! We'll see. The fiancé is super excited about the Circus show so we may just need to splurge. Have you heard about any other entertainment options?
  8. Hi jenngene2011! Our wedding is on May 14th, but we leave here on the 10th. I'm finally getting excited! My FMIL is sewing our table toppers and chair bows so the table decor is nearly done. That was my biggest worry! Will you still be at the resort on the 11th or 12th? Are you just totally excited now, or freaking out a bit? I think if it weren't for the acupuncture I'd be mad with anxiety!
  9. Hi Ladies! I've been skulking since mid-last year and I've posted a couple of times, but it's now about 7 weeks until my wedding so I've been reading everyone's posts every day! Congratulations to those who are up next to get married, and HAVE FUN! I wanted to see if any brides (past or present) have considered having entertainment at their wedding. I found some info on a company called The Circus of Dreams that does Cirque du Soleil type performances. The price I'd seen that someone else paid last year for them to perform, and the prices I just got from Jenny are COMPLETELY different and I wondered if anyone else had looked into booking the show for their reception? Our alternative is to have some of the Dreams dancers do a dance show, so I wondered if anyone had booked or seen any of their shows? People are spending a pretty penny to come to our wedding so we thought it would be nice if we splurged on some great entertainment, but it seems a little unreasonable to pay almost as much for the entertainment as we are paying for the wedding itself!! Anybody that's booked entertainment for their wedding, I'd love to hear from you!! Kisses to you all ladies! ~Emma~
  10. Hi ladies, I've been lurking for a while. My wedding is set at DLR for 5/14/11 and I'm starting to get Really REALLY excited. I wondered if anyone had any pictures of the area for the dinner reception on the beach. I could only find a couple from that were pretty dark so I couldn't really tell about the area. We're back and forth for the ceremony between the gazebo & the (what I'm assuming is new) casita on the sand. But we're nearly certain about having cocktails on the pier (the pictures of that look so pretty), and the dinner on the beach. If anyone has pictures of the beach dinner area, I'd love to see! Thanks ladies! ~Emma~
  11. Thanks Dolfinluck!! My fiance loved the lights on the palm trees too : )
  12. Hi Dolfinluck- I think you were the one who did the rope lights up the palm trees. I'm in love! How many, and what length rope lights did you bring? I can't find the picture of it I'd seen before and was hoping you could email it to me to show to my fiancé. My email address is Emma.hartel@gmail.com. P.S. Thanks ladies for giving me so much info in the resort and the wedding stuff. I feel like I don't even need to talk to Tiara until right before the wedding
  13. Hi ladies! I looked thru the last couple of pages on the blog but I didn't notice if we had the measurements of the round tables yet. Does anyone have those measurements yet? Thanks! ~Emma~
  14. Wow Kpeg. Your review has made me a bit nervous about having my wedding at the Dreams La Romana. I sure hope I didn't make the wrong choice.
  15. Thanks for answering my question so quickly Dolfinluck : ) I have another question for anyone that's been to DLR - do you know if there is a big difference between the Master Honeymoon Suite and the Preferred Club Ocean Front Suite? Is the Honeymoon suite ocean front? Thanks ladies : )
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