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  1. Your mom smoke..? That's dangerous o'comon having the infection to your lungs is not good.
  2. That's so wonderful. When that would happen to me , I think I'll get that nervous too. By the way does the words he mention out sink into your mind or your just heard your heart pumping out loud??
  3. Yah, when looking at the bride having the natural make-up is good. But if ever given the possibility why not try a make-up artist maybe it will be more good.
  4. I haven't see personally the releasing of sea turtles into the sea, but love to see. It could be good for the underwater when we try to help the animals to live.
  5. The dress is so good. It maybe simple in the eyes, but it's elegant.
  6. Wow, it's a nice photo. It was captured beautifully. Congratulations!!
  7. Hello there, Congratulations. If your looking on a settings for your wedding. Try Vermont, it offeres a lot of facilities that surely you will never forget.
  8. Those wedding dresses are simple but elegant as well. It's so sexy on the back portion.
  9. Great post. For those who are looking for a perfect venue for their dream wedding, lots of it could be seen at vermont.
  10. Congrats to you both., wishing you happiness, I'll try to view those pictures of your wedding. Stay happy.
  11. deep seatini for me...for deep love and friendship...
  12. That would be nice for you to meet your friend's girlfriend the same way as your friend to your boyfriend and most especially it will serve also as your reunion...
  13. At first I was sad because of what happened to the concert to be but was amazed by what the two girls did...
  14. WoW!...The best proposal I've ever known...You are both lucky!...Best wishes!
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