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  1. would it be possible for you to PM them to me...for some reason some of them have x at the end and i cant open them??? but the ones that i can are GREAT!!!!!! LOVE THEM
  2. can you send me the video packages too please....alcarroll17@aol.com thank you!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by PynkLemonade I had emailed the resort 3 weeks ago with no response and then I sent the same email to every email address I had there and she responded. I emailed her back and she has yet to respond to that one. can you PM/comment me with all the emails so i can do the same lol!!! please!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by PynkLemonade Yessica emailed me last night and said she is my wedding coordinator so I'm relieved! She did tell me that another wedding has the Bourdeaux Terrace which initially pissed me off, but then I thought...who cares, I'm going to get married to the man God made for me, and all that little stuff doesn't even matter anymore. It's going to be beautiful anywhere that it's done there. Time to let the little things go and focus on being happy! Thanks Fiona! hey did yessica just email you out of nowhere or did you end up leaving a FB comment? bc i was dealing with sharon also but no one really said she was my WC? sooo kinda of confused and wanting to email SOMEONE with an update...
  5. awww i picked out the same dress :) too bad mine will be here in july
  6. when are you thinking about doing this marathon? i will be in town june17-28 and really want to get pics done.... please PM with info!!!!
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