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  1. I think if you're calling it a shower and expecting guests to pay, then it's a breach of etiquette, sorry Whoever is throwing the shower should only throw what they can afford. Could the venue be switched to someone's home with simple food and drinks? Could you just call it a bachelorette lunch?
  2. Could you have a something else kind of shower? A wine shower? A stock-our-liquor cabinet shower? A lingerie shower? On the other hand, I think you could come up with stuff you want- new linens, seasonal items (holiday platters, etc.), tupperware... I agree with the previous poster- I think a "money shower" is a bad idea.
  3. This is wonderful! Is there a way to slow it down? The change is just a little bit to quick, I could use another second!
  4. I am going to stop taking the pill as soon as we're home from our honeymoon in April! We're going to use condoms for the following 3 months or so until I start ovulating again (don't want to risk getting pregnant while still having pill hormones in my body). Then we're going to try the method recommended in another thread, where you count days and take your temperature, to figure out when you're fertile and when you can go without the condom? With the idea that we'll start trying to conceive in December. Everything is all spaced out! I turn 30 this year, so that's a big reason we're trying right away. We're also on the same page, wanting them right away. We've been talking about it for months! We want 2 kids pretty close in age to each other, so I'll probably have the 2nd around 33? We're buying a house next summer so hopefully I'll be pregnant when we move! I've been trying to remember to take my multivitamin (with Folic Acid) every night! But I keep forgetting. Good thing I have a few more months to get used to it!
  5. I'm another Destiny bride- April 2011! Where are you two March brides in your planning?
  6. 2nd dress! 2nd dress! It is a more flattering fit and makes you look like a totally beautiful bride. We registered for gifts too. We invited everyone that we would have invited to an at home wedding, knowing that most would not come and that family definitely would come, and hoping to grab a few stragglers with vacation time to kill. So I don't feel weird about having showers (two planned already) because if they want, they can come to the wedding! Plus, we only just moved in together and we need lots of stuff!
  7. My shoes! It took me forever to find 3 inch blue heels! These are from 6pm.
  8. We're getting married on the Destiny in April 2011. We chose embarkation day as well, for the reasons sinesbride listed. Right now it looks like most of our guests are cruising with us, but there are a few that are going to get off the boat after the reception, so an embarkation day wedding means they can still attend! I personally love cruises and am so excited about our cruise wedding. I think I would be a ball of stress planning a wedding, either at home or at a resort. With a cruise, I just have to show up with my dress And my groom! So far we have only had positive feedback from our guests. Negative comments, if there are any, aren't reaching my ears, thank goodness. We sent invitations out just a couple of weeks ago and it looks like we're going to have about 50 people, so that's pretty awesome. I don't think we would have that many if we chose a Caribbean resort. Most of our family members are driving to Miami from VA and MA, not flying, so that's cutting costs for them. So if it helps, sassysd7, I think you made the right decision choosing a cruise!
  9. The mugs look very nice! How many did you order? What size box did they come in? I'm thinking about ordering 50 for our wedding in April but I'm worried about transporting them all! I can mail them down to FL ahead of time, but still have to get them on the ship...
  10. I sent ours out yesterday! With an RSVP date of January 31st. Most of the people that we expect to come have already booked. Now we're just waiting to see if there are any stragglers...
  11. My bridesmaids are going to be in watermelon dresses too! What color on solidneckties.com matched watermelon? The pink/magenta? Was it an exact match? Thanks! Â Congratulations!
  12. I think I'm going to give him a small digital camcorder. There is a great one from Kodak, the Zi8, for only $179. I think he would love carrying it around in his pocket and taking 20 second videos of everything while we're traveling! He would NOT like the BD picks. Â
  13. I think a DJ is a great choice! That's weird they won't tell you if anyone else has booked him? I hope you got him first!
  14.  Yeah, if I do totes for the bridesmaids I'll choose the larger size. The free one is definitely not big enough for beach gear.  We're cruising out of Miami. We're staying in the Holiday Inn that's right by the Port and I think we're doing dinner some place in the Bayside Marketplace? The groom's parents are in charge though, and they're pretty excited about picking the perfect place So we'll see!  I think sending CDs out after the wedding is a great idea. I think when we get back I'll want to wash my hands of doing anything else!  Yes, our invitations have been ordered. I'm actually working on addressing them now to send out pretty soon. We have an early RSVP date (end of January) so I want to encourage people to book! We have about 25 booked so far...  The wording for the invitations I used is:  [my parents' names] Request the pleasure of your company At the marriage of [my name, including middle] and [groom's name, including middle] On the fourteenth day of April, 2011 At half past ten in the morning Aboard the Carnival Destiny Port of Miami, Florida Please RSVP by January 31, 2011, at [our website]  I have different spacing, so it doesn't look all jumbled, but you get the idea  I also got 4 free tshirts from Vistaprint to give to my parents and the groom's parents, with the name of the ship and the date! And baseball caps for me and him saying "bride" and "groom." Love Vistaprint! Â
  15. Haha, those are exactly the postcards we used for our engagement party invites! They came out beautifully! Â We're calling it a Bon Voyage party instead of a rehearsal dinner (because we won't be able to rehearse anything!). But really it'll just be dinner at a restaurant near our hotel the night before the cruise. Â I got one of the free totes from VistaPrint and I'm debating doing the totes or the mugs, but I think my family, at least, would get more use out of the mugs, for mixing drinks in the cabin... I may do totes for just my bridesmaids? Â I like the album idea! But it sounds heavy! I think we'll end up shipping stuff to the hotel, rather than flying with it? Who knows!
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