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  1. We're not getting married at a Couples Resort but are honeymooning at Couples Tower Isle. We just feel like it is meant to be for couples only and if you have guests that aren't it just doesn't seem right and they may feel awkward. We are getting married at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Resort in Montego Bay.
  2. It says I don't have permission to see attachments : ( Someone please help as I would like to view these.
  3. I love all of these ideas! We are planning on having a photobooth but weren't really doing that for favor purposes. I am going to make a cookbook with Jamaican recipes and on every other page will be love quotes, scriptures, and poems. I will call it something like Recipes of or for Love--something cute, but I still have to work on that part. I am also thinking about getting the measuring spoons that say "love beyond measure" to attach to the ribbon I will put around the cookbooks. Now I want to do the beach in a bag too! We'll see!
  4. We are both very strong in our faith in Christ and it is very important to us to do it. There was never a question about it, we both are completely on the same page and already talked to my new pastor about it. He's in the Army and is at an Army post right now, but he is able to come home some weekends. He is a member of another church and sometimes we visit each, but he really likes the new pastor of my church and is totally fine with us having the counseling with him. It is really a wise investment into a marriage to start off on solid footing and have a good understanding of different things that may arise so that you can be aware and take precautions to avoid some of the pitfalls others may fall into. To each his/her own, but I would never get married without having pre-marital counseling. Anything to help ensure that we have a stronger, healthier marriage is most welcomed!
  5. I think guests who choose to stay at a different resort need to pay their own day pass. Like another poster on here, we specifically took a looooooooooong time to review different resorts to get the best value for our guests. Of course, you can never meet everyone's pocket, but so far, everyone says the prices are reasonable--better than what they thought we would tell them. I only have one friend, my best friend, who is staying at another place because his aunt works for Hilton and he can get a huge discount. He'll only be paying about $50 a night so $150 plus tax for his 3 night stay. He can definitely pay the $100 bucks for the day pass. He expects to pay this so there's no problem.
  6. No, I am not paying for any of my bridesmaid dresses, but I am paying for my two flower girls dresses because they are sister and their mother is one of my bridesmaids and I don't want her to have to worry about the attire for all 3 of them. The girls are receiving lavish gifts so I don't feel bad about that. Of course, I will be choosing a reasonably priced dress because I don't want to break their banks.
  7. I understand and realize it may hurt, but it is true that it is her money and her choice. Yes, one would think a mother of all people, would be rushing to be involved and buy things but that's not always the case. I would talk to her. My mom surprised me only because I was engaged 10 years ago and she was going to pay for the wedding related costs, my dress, flowers, etc. We were on our own for the reception. Now she's not paying for anything except my dress. Well, that's what she told me and then later said she would give me $500 towards my dress so I will still have to make up the difference if the dress is over that and pay for alterations. She did say though that she is planning on giving us our down payment for a house and she thinks that would be better than paying for "rubber chicken" to eat. She is planning on giving us a few thousand dollars for our house. That does make sense I guess. She said as we get closer and there are things like the flowers, etc. she'll help with that, but we're primarily on our own. His parents said they'd give $1500-$2000 but his dad just asked him for $400 for a cruise that his dad and mom are going on so who knows. They just better have the money to pay for their trip to the wedding! : ) I bet in the end, your mom will surprise you. I hope so. Keep your head up!
  8. It is their vacation, I agree, but I think it is inappropriate. I mean, why would you do that at someone's wedding celebration. I understand being upset and especially since none of their friends and family are there, it shouldn't be done. If he really wants to do it, he should wait until the day after the wedding in my opinion. The reason they are going on this vacation anyway is because of your wedding so that should be the focus of the weekend I feel.
  9. I have dreadlocks and I am assuming I should have no problem getting them done right while in Jamaica. I'm considering bringing my stylist as a possible option, but I don't really want to pay for her stay or flight since we're not really friends. We have a decent relationship, but I'm just one of her clients and she's just my stylist who is cool, kwim? Not really thinking that warrants me spending about $900 bucks for her to come.
  10. I'm so sorry and I hate to say it but, it is very selfish and irresponsible of your future in-laws to usggest you start your marriage in major debt to satisfy them. Please don't do it and hold your ground. If people are disappointed, it is too bad. They are not paying your bills. Have a serious talk with your FI so you both are on the same page and stand united when you tell his family that you are not willing to do that. If you want to pay them back for the deposit, I guess that is fine (I personally wouldn't), but they have a lot of nerve. It is NOT their wedding and they really have no business telling you what to spend your money on. If they were paying for everything, then that would be a different story. It is not worth starting your marriage that way, especially when the number one cause of divorce is finances. I just can't believe this. I'm so sorry!
  11. Great post! I have been wondering about the same thing. I did mention it to a few family and am a little disappointed because there are some members on my side that can afford to go, but are choosing not to for whatever reason. Outside of my parents, 3 sisters, bridal party members and a couple of friends, (total about 15-20 people) the majority of the guests seem like they will come from FI's side. I am bummed about that, but what can you do I guess? I have thought about canceling the DW so more guests could attend, but I want something different and at a substantial savings to FI and I since we are paying the bulk of the wedding. I feel like maybe I shouldn't have said anything until later, but like other girls have said, they probably weren't reliable anyway and weren't going to come to Jamaica. My aunt had the nerve to ask my mom, I'm glad she's having an AHR, do you think she'll do a mock wedding so we can see everything? Lol! Come to Jamaica then. But, we are planning to have my pastor dedicate our marriage and we will be in our wedding attire and will show the video but we are not reinacting our vows or anything.
  12. It sounds like you want to have one so I say definitely move forward with that so you don't feel a sense of regret later. I would advise having it a couple of months later though so that you can have a little breather. Do you have BM's or can either of your parents host or help plan it? I personally would not scrap one, I really want one and so does FI so that's good we're on the same page. What does your FI say?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by KelZavs20 ours is 2 weeks to the day after our mexico wedding....and our ahr is pretty much a full blown second wedding. im going nuts planning two so close. I think that too far down the road is a little inappropriate, but 2 weeks is a bit too soon!...a month or two would probably be perfect! Hi Kel! I'm planning a big reception as well. We are thinking about 3 weeks after we get back from our honeymoon which puts us at the end of June. To answer the question though, I think it really depends on you and your schedule and finances too for that matter. Personally speaking, I wouldn't have it too far removed from the wedding, but that is just me. I feel like it's not really a wedding celebration anymore, more of just a party, kwim? But I don't think there's really a right or wrong way to do it.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Terls I'm also getting married in Montego Bay, Jamaica at the Rose Hall Resort. Hey lady! Congratulations! Me too. Which Rose Hall?
  15. User Name: SunnyDBride Name: SunnyDBride and Derrell Location: Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Resort Wedding: May 28, 2011 in JA: 05/24/11-06/05/11
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