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  1. VancityBride - I read a lot of reviews on tripadvisor.com where people complained about the walk from the lobby to the beach, and made a point to do this walk to see if it really was a big deal. I thought the walk was really nice and it only took 10mins at the most. There are carts/trolley things that you can get on for the times you don't feel like walking, but sometimes I found the wait was longer than the walk. I guess it depends on what you feel like doing... I didn't mind the walk and didn't find it too long I REALLY want to go back!!!! It was perfect
  2. Hey samcalv1 - I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful the whole trip and wedding was! I loved every second of the week we were there!! I did have my hair done at the spa and I really liked how it turned out. I took a few magazine pictures showing the front and back of hair styles I liked so that they would have a really good idea of what I was looking for. I'm really glad that I did this because the hair stylist didn't speak much english at all... just a few words... so trying to communicate what I wanted wouldn't have worked at all. The other mistake I made was rinsing my hair with conditioner before going to the spa. My appointment was at 1:30 and I had spent the morning at the beach and definitely wanted to shower before going. My hair was really tangled and dry from the salt water so I thought I'd condition it so that it wasn't so difficult to work with.... when I got there, my hair was still damp and she used a blow drier on it for a few minutes and then started to try to curl it. I kind of thought it was still a little damp at that point but she asked if I had put conditioner or shinner in it before coming, and then said "won't curl - conditioner". It ended up working, but she had to use A LOT of product to keep it in and it really didn't move for the entire night until I took it out. I had it put up so that I could wear a veil under. If you want me to send you a picture just send me your email and I forward you a few We had our dinner reception at La Hacienda (Mexican). I thought the set-up was perfect and the food was ok. After eating in a few of the other a la carte restaurants througout the week, I probably would have picked something else. But most of my guests really enjoyed it, and over-all it was a great experience. Our ceremony was at 4pm. I loved this time because it was cooling down a bit, but still lots of light before sunset. Our reception dinner started at 6pm and was supposted to finish by 7:30. I think someone else recently mentioned that they weren't in any hurry to kick anyone out and I was thinking the same thing. We left the restaurant around 8 with no problems or anyone even asking us to wrap it up Hope this helps!!
  3. Just got back on Sunday and wanted to let everyone know not to worry about ANYTHING! We had an amazing time and everything was taken care of! janineg - the pools do close in the evening. I'm not sure on the exact time but definitely sure that there is no swimming in the evenings. If anyone has any questions, I'm happy to answer. We stayed in the Platinum suites and had the basic wedding package with an a la carte dinner for our reception. Simple but perfect for us
  4. Hi Cherazi, I ordered from this site and got my FI's suit about 2 weeks ago. We love it! As for the measurements - we did the custom measurements and used a pair of FI's pants that already fit him well. For the thigh area, there is a drop-down menu where you can either measure around the thigh or use a FIX measurement. Select the FIX option and use a pair of pants that you guys already like on him. Lay the pants flat on a table and measure across the thigh area and then double the number. It explains how to do this once you have selected the FIX option. We had no issues and the suit fits well Hope this helps.
  5. Oh no! FI and I sat down and looked at all the pics I found in this thread last night and decided on Rome Beige... he's more fair than olive. We ordered it, so I hope the colour looks alright on him and that the measurements work out! I love the suits I've seen in pictures, and also love the price. I'll post when it gets here
  6. Banksnelson, I love how the suit looks! I'm leaning toward ordering the tropical beige and am wondering how you think it compares to the tropical beige swatch on the studiosuits website? We're looking for a medium beige colour and think this may be the one. Let me know what you think Quote: Originally Posted by Banksnelson I dont know how to turn it around and its not the greatest picture but here is FIs suit...
  7. Hi kabee55 - I have an attachment with pictures of the cakes that the WC sent me. Send me your email address and I'll forward the pictures to you Also, the WC told me that the gazebo is unavailable for weddings right now and she's not sure when it will be again Have you seen pics of the location they are using now? There are some posted in the Grand Sunset Princess thread that look pretty nice and may give you a better idea of the space. Hope this helps!
  8. Gujarwala - Congrats on your wedding, and thank you so much for sharing all of this info! I've been reading through the posts and it really helps to know what to expect. I find it's all of the small details that end up causing the most stress! I'm happy to hear that they are somewhat flexible with the set menus and accomodating to other guests - our best man's wife is a vegetarian and I was worried about making sure she'd have something since we're looking at steak/chicken etc. Thanks again for your help!!
  9. Mookie - we have the same wedding date April 12th, 2011! What time is your ceremony? Mine is at 4pm. My fingers are crossed for the gazebo to be available, but I'm not getting my hopes up at all! Everyone - I have a question about the reception dinner. I'm having the semi-private reception in one of the a la carte restaurants, but received an email from Alejandra the WC with an attachment called SET MENUS. This is very different from the original menus I was sent to choose from and was wondering what's up with this? In the first menus I have it looks like I can choose an item from each course to make up the meal at the restaurant I choose. For example, I could choose an appetizer, main course and then a dessert from a list of a few options in each category. In the SET MENUS document I was sent a few days ago it seems like each restuarant has a Meal 1 and Meal 2 option and that's it - which makes it hard because in a lot of them we like the main course in one option, but the appetizer in the other. I understand what having a set menu means, but was wondering if you have the opportunity to "mix and match" the options? Also - for anyone who has been married in the Yuppa - is the isle a wooden platform? I'm wondering if we'll be able to wear shoes during the ceremony. Thanks
  10. Â Hey Lauren, We're getting married at 5pm, and after that I don't really have anything planned yet. I know I don't want to do the beach reception or anything too planned or formal. I just don't know where to have the reception dinner and what the options are for what I want. I have my invitations done and pretty much sent out. I ordered some really cute ones from Vista Print and was happy with what I got. I'll definitely be using them again for my AHR details. I'm counting down the days, too! It seems so far away right now but I know the time will fly. I was trying on wedding dresses yesterday and they were telling me that I would need to be ordering by October! I'm feeling a little stressed about that! Do you have a dress? Â
  11. Hey Kelsey & Lauren.... I'm also getting married here on April 12, 2011! How are your plans coming along? I haven't really done much since paying my deposit to secure the date. Definitely interested to hear what you guys are doing
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by ashfrylund Not sure what it would cost you but were getting married a few days after you, our photogs that are coming may be able to give you a good rate cause they will already be in the area? Their info is in my sig. and they are so great! We are getting married at the barcelo but your hotel isnt too far right? Good luck with your planning! Hi Ashley, Thanks for the message and the info. I'm not sure how far our resorts are from each other but I'm going to check out a map as soon as I'm done typing here. The resort packages I'm looking at are between $500 and $800 for ceremony and beach pictures. Do you mind me asking what your photographers are charging? I'm definitely interested in looking into them as an option and depending on the price, it could work I just looked at their site, and you're right, their pictures are beautiful! Photos are my biggest priority (its kind of my hobby, so I really love nice pictures) and I wish I could spend the money on my photographer here at home, and a great photographer down south... Oh well... I'm sure it will all work out even if I end up going with the resort's packages. Thanks again for your suggestion. I'm going to email your photographer and see what they say. I'll keep you posted! How is your planning coming along? Kristy
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by SDSteph I am getting married at the Princess in Feb. We might be using the resort photographer so I will keep you updated on that. If I find pic before you do I will post them. Good luck! Do you have the package prices? If not PM me andI will send them over Thanks SDSteph! I'll keep you posted on anything I find, as well. I have the 2010 photo package prices but not 2011. Do you have the new prices? I'm hoping they haven't changed or gone up My issue is that when I originally started planning my wedding it was going to be in my home town and I had started to book vendors - including my favorite photographer. When I decided to change to a destination wedding I had a friend who was coming to the wedding who could take pictures in Mexico for me and because of that I decided to keep my photographer here at home, but have him for the day of my AHR ($400 deposit is already paid). So long story short - the photographer friend can no longer come to the wedding and I can't afford to pay for a photographer and package here at home AND purchase another expensive photo package down in Mexcio. SOOO...I'm really hoping that the resort photos are nice Thanks for getting back to me! Keep me posted on your planning - I love to hear what everyone else is doing, especially at the same resort!!!
  14. Just wondering if anyone has used the resort photographer at the Grand Sunset Princess, and if so, what did you think of the pictures? I'd love to see some if anyone has them to send. Let me know and I'll PM you my email address. Thanks so much
  15. YES!! This thread is awesome and exactly what I need. I've been trying to lose for a couple of months now but haven't really been as motivated as I'd like to be. I go to WW meetings (which I really like) but last week they gave me a free trial to WW etools to try out and I LOVE IT! Anyway, I'm in the same boat as a lot of you.... tried on dresses last month and was really depressed about what I saw. It's interesting how you can lose perspective on how you "really" look. AND on top of that, wedding dresses are not the same size as our normal clothes!! UGH! That was a kick in the face So the wedding is in April 2011 and I need a solid 50+ off! I'm marking this as one of my favorite threads and I think it would be really helpful and motivating track our results here and also vent when things get challenging. This is it ladies... think of how great we're going to feel looking at our wedding pictures!!!
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