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  1. Hi everyone!! I'm still working on getting settled and having the time to write a full review, but I just wanted yall to know that our wedding on May 15th at the Royal was AMAZING! Literally everything worked out perfectly (even the weather!) and it was more than I could have ever imagined...more details, pics & templates to come! In following msglave's post above in terms of vendors, I used the spa for both hair & makeup and I think they did a GREAT job! We used Luz Maria Avila (local photog, outside vendor) for photos and I would recommend her in a heartbeat...and we used Marvin from Maya Diseno flowers for bouquets, bouts & centerpieces - awesome! Hope everyone's wedding planning is going well! Try not to stress too much! :-) Sarah
  2. Ahh so I'm SUCH a procrastinator and am still looking for my something borrowed...for my May 15th 2011 wedding! If by chance one of these starfish are available, or if anyone else out there has a cute charm etc they'd be willing to mail me, I'll gladly pass along the tradition afterwards! Message me on here if anyone can help!
  3. I'm waiting on Marvin as well! Trying to figure out all the last minute decisions like centerpieces is tough! Can anyone that is doing their hair & make up in the resort spa let me know what type of timeline they went for? I have a 5:30 ceremony and want to make sure that I have enough time!
  4. I'm getting married this May 15th of this year (getting so close!!) and plan on doing a 5:30 ceremony...should be plenty of light! Question for brides that have already become Mrs...did you do a sweetheart table? And if so, does anyone have pictures or thoughts on a floral centerpiece that they used? Thanks!
  5. Does anyone else have swatches they'd be willing to pass along? FI wants a darker color (like the tan linen or tropical beige) but we're still trying to decide...I had originally pictured a lighter color, but just want him to be happy in what he's wearing!
  6. Thanks for all the kind words!! I used weddingpaperdivas as well. The color I used is actually slightly a different green than pictured ("clover"). I loved the simple elegance of them that still had the beachy feel. They always have coupon codes that you can use, so its super affordable. And, you can do custom colors to match your own choices, custom fonts etc!
  7. Sent out my invites today! Woo hoo for one more checked off the list!
  8. Marvin is amazing. I emailed him with the types of flowers that I was considering and he sent me about a dozen different samples with prices. I think your best bet is to email him with a couple thoughts and he'll get back to you with some samples. I'm thinking about orchids and the bouquets ranged from 120-175 and bouts from 30-70ish. Very reasonable for sure! Here's his info: Marvin J. Ku Kinil <marvin@mayadisenofloral.com.mx> Hope this is helpful!
  9. ...tomorrow is Steelers playoff game and we are having a party with FOOD!!! Lord give me strength I never realized how much i ate or liked to eat and im really not an overweight person just someone with 15-20 pounds to lose to be 118 pounds!!! Maybe high school skinny cant be accomplished but utter dedication...Can I do it?? UURRGGGGG GO STEELERS!!! but yes....terrible for the waistline! Sarah
  10. I actually brought this up with my wedding coordinator (Claudy) and since I"m just doing bouqets & bouts (& no centerpieces), there is no vendor fee. I think basically if you are taking care of it yourself there isn't one and if you are making the resort set things up for you (or if you have a big order with lots of centerpieces etc) then you might get charged one.
  11. Hi girls! So since May is fast approaching (!!) I decided to ramp up my work-out regimen to get in shape, and I wanted to let you all know about this great app for the iphone called Nike Training Club...I can go along with pandora or music on your iphone and keeps track of your work-outs for you. seriously, i'm so sore from doing it just for a couple days. hope that everyone's planning is going well! Sarah
  12. NEMMERZ- Not sure what prices have been out of Pitt, but my family lives just south near Hagerstown in MD and is looking...i think regular tix have been $400+ at the very best BUT...I love your profile pic :-) GO STEELERS!! hehe
  13. Absolutely stunning!! I think it looks even better on you than on the model :-) I can't believe how close May is getting!!! My dress came in last week & things are definitely starting to get real!!!
  14. Thanks everyone for all your help!! I think I like the first one better too...we're going back with my mom in December to check them out again, but I have a feeling that I've found a winner! :-)
  15. So I went bridesmaid dress shopping today with my sister today (who is my MOH and only bridesmaid) and these were our two favorites...they both looked super cute on her, and now I can't decide which one I like best...thoughts? The one on the left is cotton-poly blend from david's bridal & the one on the right is chiffon from alfred angelo...both actually pretty much exactly the same price since the AA one would be from the store I bought my gown & I would get a discount.
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