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  1. Your wedding looks beautiful Sweetluna!! I have a question for you, do you know if the resort offers any way to broadcast a wedding live online? or is there wireless internet service on the beach so that I could log on to Skype? We are getting married Jan 27/11 and just found out my future MI cannot attend due to health concerns and really want her to be able to see the ceremony!! HELP!
  2. Thanks so much! I really don't understand why they don't do a lunch reception. Oh, and if I decide to have a coctail hour and hor d'oeuvres after the ceremony, is this served at the ceremony location? or is coctail hour somewhere else? Thanks
  3. Hey guys, Can someone clarify: I thought if you had over 50 people, you couldn't book at the semi-private restaurants. Does this mean you would have to book a private area and pay $55/person? What are the free dinner options for over 50 guests?
  4. I would also really like an answer to booshmitt's question. PLEASE
  5. aelliott

    I'm New!!

    You guys are all so helpful and friendly!! Thanks so much
  6. Hi Everyone, I have a question about large receptions. I'm pretty sure we will have more than 50 guests at our wedding reception, So, are there any restaurants that could accommodate approx 60-70 guests as part of the "included" semi-private reception? or would I have to pay $55/person and host a private reception? Or, does anyone know if you can host a private lunch reception? Our wedding is at 11:00am so if we had to pay for a private dinner reception, we'd rather just pay for a private lunch reception if possible. PLEASE HELP ME!!
  7. For those of you who have rented the steel drum band for one hour, did you have them play during the ceremony and for another half hour after? or did you get them for an hour after the ceremony during champagne toast or coctail hour? My wedding is at 11:00 am and would like to have either champagne or appetizers for an hour after and unsure about what to do.
  8. For those of you who have done the ceremony at 11:00 and then had a coctail hour or appetizers, did you wait until after this to get pictures done? If so, does that mean the photographer was not present at the ceremony or during coctail hour? or do you get photos done during all of this?
  9. Hey, Can someone tell me how far in advance Michael from ROR should be booked? My wedding is Jan 27/2011 and at this time, I am unsure as to how many guests will be there, which will affect whether we will do the semi-private reception or if we will have to do something else. S0, I don't know what time I would need his services for, and am wondering if I can still book him now or what? I would appreciate any input. thanks
  10. Hey, Could someone please tell me how far in advance Michael should be booked? My wedding is Jan 27/2011 and at this time, I don't know how many guests are attending, which will affect whether we do the semi-private dinner, or have to do something else, so I'm wondering if I can still book him now even though I don't know what time we would need him for? I would appreciate any input
  11. aelliott

    I'm New!!

    Hi there, My name is Ashlee and I am getting married at the Riu Ocho Rios on Jan 27/2011!
  12. Thanks for all of your help. I've been reading a lot of other threads and wanted to clarify a couple of things that I don't totally understand. 1) If I have over 50 guests, am I still able to book a semi-private (included) reception? or do I have to book a private reception that costs $500 for 2 hours? Also, is there a $55.00 charge/person on top of that cost? 2)My wedding is Jan 27/2011. Should I be looking into booking Michael for photography services now? or do I wait to hear from the wedding coordinator? Not sure how quickly he books up or how to go about this. 3) Since the wedding is at 11:00 am, if we served some appetizers afterwards, is this done at the location of the ceremony? or could this be done as a poolside reception for $15.00/person. I know some of this has been previously discussed but I just need some clarification. Thank you so very much for any input
  13. Hi there, I'm brand new to this website and have found it amazingly helpful so far! I have a dilemma though, My wedding is on Jan 27/2011 at the ROR and I'm so disappointed that the only time available for the ceremony during the entire week is 11:00 am. We were hoping to do the semi-private meal which is included, however 6:30 is a terribly long time for my guests to wait. Does anyone have any ideas as to how we can schedule our day? Should we do the ceremony, then pics, then have some music and champagne sometime during the afternoon and then go to dinner? Or, is it possible to do a lunch reception? I liked the idea of having a poolside or beach reception after dinner but this would definitely make the day too long. PLEASE HELP ME! Any ideas would be appreciated.
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