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  1. Hi barbiegirl and Mholtgrefe! Congrats on your wedding days, I cant believe its less than a year away!!
  2. You can try some of these links, theyre not exact, but a little bit of resemblance on style and the sweetheart cut is there too...hope this helps a little! It looks like she had a sweetheart neckline and a semi-mermaid silhouette Dress 1 Dress 2-without bottom rose pattern of Mollys Dress 3
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Rk_cheung Hi Ladies!!! I just saw the new gazebo on Facebook!!! It's not too bad = ) I don't know how to post pictures on this site. So for all the people that have facebook. GO CHECK IT OUT!!! Which section were the new gazebos posted at?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Terls Hi, i'm Terls. My proposed wedding date is April 29th, 2011 at Dreams Cancun or Los Cabos in Mexico. I'm looking for feedback from anyone who is getting married or got married at this resort. Were you satisfied with the package? Hi Terls! Im getting married at Dreams Cancun on Feb 2011--already have it booked but still a little bit too early to plan anything with the wedding coordinator. The basis has been covered though (i.e. location, guest list , recpetion location) and has been sent to the coordinator. Reading at some other posts, it seems like Dreams has been nothing but good news to a lot of brides. If you have a facebook account, they also have a facebook page where they have tons of pictures depending which resort you want to go to. Might be good to take a look at it so you can get a feel of how you want your wedding to look and where. We'll probably be talking to each other in the next months so best wishes and congratulations!
  5. Congratulations! Thats awesome that now youre on the other end of the camera! Best wishes!
  6. vidah

    New to the site!

    Congrats and best wishes! Im new here too and I think you'll be very pleased with the amount of information you get from this place! Best of luck!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by chipotle99 For non-urgent questions, it can take up to 5weeks. For urgent questions, like reserving the date, it should take less than 2 weeks, and if you haven't heard back, try calling them. Since your wedding is next year, you're probably not on the top of her to do list, there are about 5-10 weddings a week in the spring/summertime! Thank you! I sort of figured its really a bit too early. Im just wanting to get a good time frame so that I can have everything prepared when I finally get to talk to the coordiantor.
  8. Awesome and congratulations! I'll be having my wedding at Dreams Cancun Hope we get more february brides!
  9. It definitely has been a long time and I am definitely looking forward to the planning!
  10. Just wanting to see if I was the only one out there (for the moment) having a wedding next February! It feels so far away still and my impatience is getting the best of me! Anyone getting that feeling yet?
  11. Hi everyone! I'll be getting married at Dreams Cancun on 14 Feb next year and have placed my deposit down for the wedding. My question is, when should I expect to hear from the wedding coordinator or when should I start contacting them? Thanks a lot! Im sorry ahead of time since Im sure I'll have more questions to come!
  12. Another 2011 bride here! We got married at JoP 4 years back but are now having a religious wedding where all our family can attend at Dreams Cancun resort on Valentines Day 2011 for our 5 year anniversary! FINALLY!!
  13. vidah


    Welcome! Im new here too and my wedding is also gonna be on Feb 2011 at Cancun
  14. Hello Everyone! Im so excited to be find a forum that is tailored specifically for Destination Weddings To explain a little bit about myself, my husband and I have been married for a little over 4 years now and are both in the military. I was pregnant with our first child on the 1st year we were married and he had deployed. We never had a religious wedding and had just gone to the JOP. As with life, years fly by, and every time we try to plan for one...it was either financially we werent stable or I was pregnant I now have 2 sons (3 yrs old and 10 mos old) and we have officially placed our deposit down for Valentines Day next year at Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa since that would mark our 5 year wedding anniversary. Ive looked around the forum a little bit but I would still love some guidance/direction as to where to look for posts similar to mine. Or that may help me out even more; I'm having trouble finding wedding vows and wordings that would include my two children and not having it be a joining of two families from prior marriages since both our kids are...well..ours I hope this didnt end up being too confusing! I'm so glad to be part of this forum and hope to get to talking to everyone
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