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  1. Hello Ladies- I need advice... My MP wedding coordinator is Angelica Martinez and for the most part she has been fine (slow with responses but that seems to be the norm). Anyway, I have been trying to plan our cocktail hour, reception or dinner reservation and it has been beyond frustrating. My Fiance and I are both vegetarian and wanted a vegetarian cocktail hour and have a dinner reservation at a restaurant that offers several vegetarian options (originally requested La Trattoria). Angelica responded to my request saying that the restaurants do not have a lot of vegetarian options and suggested we host a private reception. (I picked a resort with 13 restaurants and not one is vegetarian friendly??? really?) So I agreed and suggested a menu. She replied with "what she could offer" which was not close to what I asked for (she offered: fruit plate, chips and guac, veggie pasta, rice). So I looked through the buffet options and picked the vegetarian dishes and asked if we could do some mixture (i.e. quasadillas, chips/guac, seasoned potatoes, veggies, etc) and she responded that she could not accommodate the request. I am totally frustrated and am puzzled as to where to go to eat on my wedding day. I'm now thinking that I will have the wedding at 4pm, host a 1 hour cocktail hour (all she can provide that is vegetarian is fruit and chips/salsa/guac=$400) and then change into casual clothes and go to the salad buffet which doesn't feel special at all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello fellow MP brides! This is my absolute first post but wanted to thank you all for the MP info that is posted on this site. I have poured thru all of the posts, reviews and comments before deciding on the resort and now I am booked and ready to plan! A few starter questions that I haven't found the answers to: 1. I'm thinking about having my wedding dinner at La Trattoria (15 total guests). Has anyone been to that restaurant? Thoughts? Opinions? 2. Any opinions on the Concierge level? Worth the extra money? Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to planning with all of you!