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  1. Oh dear, sorry I'm also getting married in Mexico, so won't be that helpful. I just can say: don't worry! everything will be ok, the important thing is that you will be married to the love of your life! so I know it will be stressing but try to enjoy!
  2. Hi girls, Just starting to understand how this new site works LOL. Just wondering if any Canadian brides have actually bought their wedding gown online using bestbridalprices.com or any other US site, I'm about to buy mine but i just wanted to know if it actually works ordering online. My concern is because most of the sites ship the dress through UPS, so when it gets here to Canada they charge a LOT on "broker" fees, so I don't want to spend everything that I save buying there paying this fee. The only expense I know i need to pay and I'm willing to is the taxes fees. So I will really appreciate if any bride that has gone through the same can share the experience Tx
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by super19 You bet! We just had basic munchies. It included chips, guacamole, salsa, and fresh fruit platters. Nothing fancy but it hit the spot after floating around in the ocean. Thanks for the tip, doing the Catamaran sounds so much fun! And I love guacamole and salsa!!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by lexibride I'm back!!!! We had a wonderful wedding and a great day too! Yay for no rain on the 15th! Sorry to anyone else who did have rain - we saw many brides who got rained out boo! I finally got on here - I've had to catch up at work before I could do anything remotely fun. Our wedding was great - some bumps in the road but I'll do a review hopefully later on tonight (American Idol finale is tonight, so we'll see how far I get). Here's a montage that my photographer made so you guys can get a sneak peak at our welcome dinner (at Alux), wedding and trash the dress. animoto - Jessica & Brian's Wedding The pictures are beautiful and you looked stunning Congrats!!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by dianep there are, i think, two beach locations at the GPR. i just had mine at playa norte, and i think that's the best beach location - of both the GPR and the Royal. it was wonderful. get it if you can! i got a lot of those kind of answers, too. nothing like a vague WC when all you need is some stinkin' details!! Thanks a lot! I will try to get that one then
  6. Thanks for all the posts, they are so useful, I’m getting all sort of great ideas and of course some do’s and don’ts. I still have some questions for any of you that may know the answer: 1)I’m booking the wedding reception at 4 pm in the Gran Porto Real in the beach location, is there more than one beach in the GPR? I just that I have reading that in the Royal PDC they are so if anyone know how the beach settings for the receptions are in the GPR I will really appreciate any comment or suggestion 2)Regardin the guest and non-guest, do they charge you for a day pass for the non-guest if you are already paying for the private reception in their packages? I’m kind of confused on this as my WC hasn’t told me anything about an additional charge and I don’t want surprises 3)Does anybody contract the DJ with the packages, I have been reading that very good reviews about DJ Ivan and Doremix and I was wondering if its better to book somebody outside even with the vendor charge 4)Same question about the photographers, does anybody contracted the ones that the Royal has or its better to go with an outsider? Tx!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by EmenGeeRoxx Try these 2 other priests Father James Hogan: 984-116-3373. He is the best one from the feedback I got and he did my wedding. Here is another one. Jorge Cataneda: 984-804-8870. Thanks so much for the info, I will try them, hope they can make it for that date.
  8. Hi girls, congrats to all, this post is soooo helpful!! I'm thinking on booking on the Royal or the GPR in Playa but my concern is first having the religious chuch and priest booked. Does any of you have deal with this? I contact the Nuestra Senora del Carmen Chapel and so far is not difficult to get the church booked, but they don't offer the mass in english, has anybody done a catholic wedding previous to the reception at the Royal? if so can you share the details pleaseeee? Also I haven't gone through the all the postings, there are so many useful replies, but can anybody comment on the food? how was it? is there any recommendation for the menus? Thanks a lot!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by EmenGeeRoxx If anyone needs help booking the chapel at the Nuestra Senora Del Carmen let me know. It took me a while to gather all the info, but with the help with a lot of people on this forum, I have everything that you need. I'm trying to book the Nuestra Senora del Carmen chapel for Dec 11, and so far wasn't that difficult, but they don't have priests that can give the mass in english. They mentioned I can contact father Bernard Quinn and see if he was available to give the mass, unfortunately he is really busy that day due to the Virgen de Guadalupe celebrations. Does anyone has the name of other priest that can give the mass in english and if so can you give me his contact info I will really appreciate it. tx
  10. Thanks everybody for your wishes! I'm right now considering the Gran Porto Real in Playa del Carmen, so I will read all the forums about it, but if anybody has information about it please let me know! Thanks again
  11. Hi my name is Liz, we are planning to get married in Mexico in Cancun, I got into the forum and so far I have seen so many useful information and valuable reviews about destination weddings in Mexico. I'm in the process of deciding the place for the religious ceremony and the venue and will appreciate any advice on which hotels are good and which ones to avoid Regards, Liz
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